We Adopted a Pug!

Pug dogYou may have noticed there was no “origami printable” this week.  Well, there’s a good reason for that. I’ve been busy taking care of this sweet little pug.  Her name is Lilly and she’s about six years old.  We adopted her from Pug Rescue of Sacramento.  We started the process in June and we finally were able to take her home last weekend.  So far she has been very calm and doesn’t bark.  What has surprised me most is how she follows me everywhere.  She will not let me out of her sight!

I’ve never had a dog before so this is all very new to me.  I do know that pugs require a lot of care from all my research.  I also know I have a lot to learn.  If you have any helpful tips whether it be snacks, toys, etc., I’d love to hear.

Cute Pug Dog

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  1. Oh a pug! You will never be alone. A pug just wants a lap and to cuddle. Mine is asleep on his pillow next to me right now. Lou likes a nylabone to chew on sometimes but mostly he likes to lay on the toys so that his brother can’t get them. As far as treats go, he will eat anything. He ate steel wool once so I do mean anything.

    • Marie,

      Yes, she definitely likes to snuggle. I’m a little surprised she bonded with me so quick. I thought for sure she would be following my daughter around instead. She must know I’m in charge of the food 😉

  2. Welcome to the club of pug ownership! I’ve had two pugs in the last 13.5 years – one passed away of old age and I still have Roxie. Pugs are AWESOME! If you have any questions, send me an email.

    She’s precious!!

  3. Jessica! So excited and happy for you! We are a multi pug family, pugs are life!!! She will burrow deep into your soul, I’m so happy you rescued her. What a beautiful little girl.

    Tips: rub vaseline onto her nose every so often, so it won’t dry out and start to look cracked. Also wipe inside the nose fold with a damp cloth, that’s a spot that needs a little extra attention. Get mentally prepared for the occasional phenomenon of impacted anal sacs, I have never known a pug free of the issue. (Not a big deal, any vet or groomer can handle it, but for a first timer it can be a big shock. It smells like nothing else on this earth and you will wonder if you are going insane.)

    Otherwise, love and enjoy!

    • Michelle,

      I knew you had a dog but I didn’t realize it was a pug!

      I’ve read about the impacted anal sacs on pugs. I’m not looking forward to it but I’ve accepted it’s part of the deal when one gets a pug.

      Thanks for the tips!

  4. so happy to see you adopted a pug! I have had pugs for most of my life and they are magical. so true that they will follow you everywhere, they just want to be with you!
    when I give treats I give ‘charlie bear’ or some fresh banana. both of my pugs love banana, carrot, romaine and anything else they can get their little puggy faces on. You will never be the same after being owned by a pug.

  5. We had two pugs. They neither one would run away from us. They are very attache to their owners, much jealous of anyone or anything getting their perceived attention. They will attack larger dogs without hesitation. Dogs their own size don’t agitate them as much.
    They shed year round. Their hairs are sometimes like needles directly into the pores of some people’s skin.
    They have breathing problems as they get older, and it is a hard trial to watch. They grow incontinent and still insist on doing as much as they did before.
    They are loyal to the death. They are good dogs for housebound people, because they are not great runners. They tend to stay around their owners.

  6. Congrats on your new family member :)
    I don’t have any breed specific advice since I’ve only had larger breeds, but more practical new dog owner advice.

    I will say since you’re new to dog ownership, download/keep a list of things dogs cannot eat (aside from chocolate, things like onion, grapes and xylitol may surprise you). We used to keep a list on our fridge.

    Never give your pup any of those “dentachew” or “greenies” type dental dog bones, I mean the type that are meant to be ingested. They can cause a blockage in the intestine and the surgery to remedy that is at least 2 grand.
    Instead giving real bones (not from your plate but the pet store) and brushing once weekly with dog toothpaste will keep the teeth in good shape.

    Use reliable flea products like K-9 Advantix or Frontline. The “cheap” products are often toxic but ineffective anyway.

    If you haven’t, consider trash cans with lids for ALL the rooms in your house.This is especially important in the bathroom.

    Ohh and try to figure out if your pup is uncomfortable with nail clippings..does she hate having her paws touched? Because even though she’s six, as soon as you address it with proper acclimation and training, the less stress you’ll both endure. Lol. Ask anyone about clipping dog’s nails and they can share their stories.

    Dog ownership is such an amazing, indescribable experience, and I wish your family the best!

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