Printable Roller Skate Valentine Cards

Printable Roller skate ValentineEvery time I see a pair of roller skates, I can hear the song Celebration by Kool & The Gang.

A few years back, I made these Roller Skate Valentine cards for my daughter. You may recognize them from my other blog.  I decided to change them up a little and add hot pink pom-poms.  Directions below.


Card Stock


Small Hole Punch

Pom-Poms with tail left on


Small Brads

 Printable Roller Skate Valentine templateClick here for Roller Skate PDF

1. Print templates on card stock.  You can use white cardstock like I did or make them different colors.  Cut out all the pieces.

printable roller skate valentine 22.  Place a wheel over the bottom part of the roller skate (refer to picture).

3.  Punch a hole through the wheel and the roller skate.

4.  Place a brad through both holes. Do this for both wheels.

Printable roller skate valentine 45.  Punch a hole in the top heart and thread the yarn through.  Tie the yarn in a bow to secure.

6.  Punch a hole at the toe of the skate and tie a pom-pom to it.  If you’re using pre-made pom-poms, just attach it with a glue dot.  Done.

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