Printable: Origami Kokeshi Doll

Origami Kokeshi DollEvery year I create a special post for the Japanese holiday Hinamatsuri (Girls’ Day or Doll’s Day, March 3).  Usually it’s a tutorial or a round-up of crafts relating to Girls’ Day.  This year I decided to make an origami kokeshi doll for the occasion.  You can make one too with the PDF file provided below.

Origami Kokeshi Doll 3Click here for the PDF.  You’ll notice in the PDF there’s a copyright stamp on the image.  When you fold up the doll, you will not be able to see it.

Print image and cut out with scissors.

Kokeshi doll origami instructionsKokeshi Doll Instructions

1.  Start with print side facing down.

2.  Fold edges to the center of the paper. Flip paper over.

3.  Using the bottom of the white rectangle as a guide, fold the paper down (refer to fig. 3).

4.  Your paper should look something like fig. 4.  Fold the paper up using the bottom of the white rectangle as your guide.

5.  You should now be able to see just the face and body (no white).  Refer to fig 5  Flip paper over.

6.  Fold flaps in and unfold.  Refer to fig 6.

7.  Begin to fold flap over to the right.  Refer to fig 7.

8.  Continue to fold until the flap meets at the center.  Refer to fig 8.

9.  Your paper should now look like fig 9.

10.  Repeat on right side.  Refer to fig 10.

11.  Fold all four corners in.  Refer to fig 11.

12.  Fold left and right sides in.  Refer to fig 12.

13.  The back of your doll should look like fig 13.  Flip image over and you’re done.

Origami Kokeshi Doll 2You can make your doll stand up if you pull the back flaps out a little.  It takes a little finessing to get it to balance.

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  1. Thank you for this Jessica! My daughters and I had fun making 3 of these yesterday. The image is so sweet! We really enjoyed adding this little project to our Girls’ Day tea party.

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