Printable Birthday Calendar

Printable Birthday CalendarI’m not sure if anyone uses birthday calendars anymore or even knows what they are for that matter.  I know their purpose has been replaced by Facebook and other phone apps.  But for some reason, I can’t shake the need to keep track of birthdays on good old-fashioned paper.  If you’re like me, I created this printable birthday calendar that can be customized to your taste.  Printable templates and directions below.


Template 1 – Print out three copies on cardstock

Template 2 – Print out two copies on cardstock

Template 3 – Print out one copy on cardstock

Template 4 – For front and back cover (optional)


Washi Tape

Black Pen

1/8″ Hole Punch

Knitting Stitch Markers – Look like plastic jump rings

Printable Birthday Calendar 5Print out all your templates and cut out on black solid lines.  You should have 12 sheets, one for each month plus two for the front and back cover if you decide to use those.

Printable Birthday Calendar 2Decorate the top of the calendar pages with washi tape.  Next write the month for each page.  Make sure that you match up the correct month with number of days.  For example, June only has 30 days where as July has 31.  I made the pages blank so you could decorate them anyway you want.  You don’t have to use washi tape, instead you could draw illustrations or use letter stickers to decorate the top of the pages.

Printable Birthday Calendar 4To bind all the pages together, punch a hole on each side of one page.  Use this one page as a template for all the other pages.  Place pages in order by month and thread stitch markers through all the holes on each side.  If you don’t want to bind the pages this way, you can use an office clip or just tack them to a cork board.

How do you prefer to keep track of birthdays, paper or apps?

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