Pretty in Pink Bow Garland

DIY Crepe Paper Bow GarlandSome days I think I missed my calling and should have been a party planner.  I love the decorations, creating a theme, and most importantly the food. But then I think, no, I like making all kinds of things and sharing them here.  Plus, who needs a party to make decorations anyways?  Perhaps I’ll just have a very festive dining room for the next few weeks. If you want to deck out your dining room as well or make this garland for an actual party, directions below.

DIY Crepe Paper Bow Garland 2Supplies:

Crepe paper – I purchased mine at Target for a few dollars



Washi tape in a coordinating color

DIY Crepe Paper Bow Garland 31.  Cut a piece of crepe paper nine inches in length.

2.  Bend into a loop and tape together.  Flip loop over with tape facing down.  Make sure the tape is centered.

3.  Pinch both layers of the crepe paper to make a  bow shape.

4.  Wrap a piece of washi tape around the scrunched center.  Make sure the tape edges do not show on the front of the bow.  Make as many bows as desired.

DIY Crepe Paper Bow Garland 45.  Measure and cut the length you want your garland.

6.  Starting at the left side, pinch the crepe paper just like you did in step 3. Match up the center of the bow with the pinched area of crepe paper.  With a another piece of washi tape, wrap it around both the bow and crepe paper to secure.

7.  Continue to do this until your entire bunting is covered with bows.  I spaced my bows out 6 1/2 inches apart.

*Craft Tip – Keep your supplies in a bag/basket for easy access to your project.  It makes clean up a lot easier, you don’t have to search for your supplies and it makes your project portable.  I like to work on projects like this when watching TV or at the park with the kids.

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