Mother’s Day Card with Origami Letters

Origami Mother's Day Card 2Mother’s Day is only a couple of weeks away so if you want to make something to give, now is the time to get started.  I decided to go with a minimalist look for this year’s Mother’s Day card.  Spelled out on the front is “MOM” with origami folded letters.  What to write in the inside is up to you.


3in x 3in Origami Paper – if you can’t find this size, you can cut down a 6in x 6in piece into fourths

Glue dots

Card stock fold into a card


Origami Mother's Day Card1.  The first thing you will need to do is fold your letters.  I made a few in various colors and prints to play around with.  Click here for the origami letter directions (scroll down to the second set after the jump).  The letters are pretty easy to fold.  The only tricky part is you’ll be working with a tiny piece of paper.

2.   If some parts of the letter pop up, you can secure them with glue dots.  For example, the point of the “M” kept popping up so I added a glue dot underneath it.

Origami Mother's Day Card 43.  Now you’re going to adhere the letters to the cardstock.  Here are few easy tricks to get the letters centered and aligned. Place a ruler(or straight edge) down where you want the base of your letters to sit.  Start with the middle letter which in this case is the “O”.  Center it on the card.  Now place each “M” beside it so they are evenly spaced.  This is a good technique that can be used when you want to center any word on a card, banner, etc.

Origami Mother's Day Card 3Mix and match prints and colors to achieve different looks for you card.


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  1. Ooh, fun! I love that the white back of the paper blends seamlessly with the white card. This appears easier than a lot of origami (I am somewhat origami challenged) but looks intricate and so so cute!

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