Life Hack: How to keep your Handbag Clean

Handbag hackAfter lots of searching for the perfect handbag (which could be a post in itself), I finally found one.  There was just one problem, this bag was made of soft leather.  In other words, this handbag could soak up dirt quicker than a toddler in a mud puddle.  That combined with me having to set it on the ground created a real dilemma. My solution, the shower cap hack!
Handbag hack 2Out of necessity, I came up with the idea of covering my handbag with a shower cap anytime I set it down on the ground.  When I’m not using the shower cap, I just turn it inside out and keep it in my bag.  So far, the only drawback from this hack is my family making fun of the shower cap.  I think I can live with that.

*If you have a larger handbag, I recommend using a stretch to fit food cover (basically a giant shower cap).

2 Responses to Life Hack: How to keep your Handbag Clean

  1. That’s a pretty bag, Jessica! I know what you mean about not wanting to put it on the ground. I usually resort to holding mine on my lap or putting it behind my back in the seat if there isn’t a way to hang it on the seat. I’m sure my family would make fun of me too if I resorted to the shower cap idea.

  2. That’s genius! Whatever works,right? By the way, I miss having access to your old blog. I have some recipes printed from the old site, and I hope you put all your old projects back up someday. The somen salad is one of my favorites.

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