Kirigami Fall Decorations

Kirigami leaf Patterns 4Have you ever tried the craft kirigami?  It’s the art of folding and cutting paper to create a shape/design.  Even though the designs might look complicated, they’re pretty easy to cut out. I’ve created four simple patterns to help you get started. Directions below.

Kirigami Leaf Patterns 2Supplies

kirigami templateTemplates – click here to download and print on standard copy paper or card stock

6in x 6in origami paper



Kirigami Leaf Directions1.  Fold origami paper in half on the diagonal (refer to fig 1).

2.  Fold paper in half again on the diagonal (refer to fig 2).

3.  Fold paper in half one more time (refer to fig 3).

4.  Your paper should now look like fig 4.

5.  Trace one of the templates you printed out onto the folded paper (refer to fig 5).

6.  Cut the shape out making sure not to cut the folds.  For example, in fig 5 you would only cut on the aqua lines.

7.  Carefully unfold paper to reveal your kirigami creation.

Kirigami Leaf Patterns

kirigami leaf patterns 3 Use the kirigami for doilies, to decorate windows or to make into a garland.

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  1. thanks.. i never knew how to search for templates, because i didn’t know the term kirigami. your ginko leave will soon be a part of my fall decoration :)
    but would love to see the mushroom, too.. would you be so kind and share the pattern? :)

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