Japanese Craft Book: Rose Window

Japanese Craft Book Rose WindowRose Window by Asako Hirata

As I was browsing the Japanese craft book section, I noticed a new trend. Or at least, it’s a new trend to me. There were quite a few craft books for faux stained glass.  The fuax stained glass in all the books was made from cut tissue paper.  But what really grabbed my attention was the book Rose Window which layered the tissue paper.  The result of this technique is absolutely stunning.
Japanese Craft Book Rose Window 5Here’s a photo from the book to give you an idea on how these faux rose windows are created.  I’m still trying to find out where I can purchase the wood frames to make them. If I can’t purchase them, I’ll probably make my own or use an embroidery hoop.

Below are a few more pictures of projects from Rose Window.

Japanese Craft Book Rose Window 2

Japanese Craft Book Rose Window 3

Japanese Craft Book Rose Window 6Usually I have a hard time finding Japanese Craft Books online but I was able to find this one on Amazon.  I purchased my book at Kinokuniya.

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  1. Wow – those are amazing. I never thought of using tissue paper to make snowflakes before. My 7th graders do a unit on rotational symmetry and given the thickness of standard paper, we could only achieve so many folds before cutting got too difficult. BUT, tissue paper may solve that problem. Thanks! Please share the frame source if you find it – these would make great gifts for the kids to make for their parents.

  2. I always look for new ways of having that awesome pass time with my kids on the weekends and this would be a super way to spend it. I love the Rose windows very colorful and fun

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