How to Make a Mini Art Frame

DIY Mini Inspiration ArtBe so good they can’t ignore you ~ Steve Martin

I wasn’t sure what to call this project.  It’s not really a frame.  It kind of looks like a scroll.  Perhaps a better name would be a scroll frame?  But to keep things simple lets just say mini art frame.  This project is quick, easy, and inexpensive to make.  Use this mini frame for an inspirational quote, children’s artwork, etc.  I’m hanging this quote art on my inspiration board.


Art work – something on cardstock works best

Plastic straws


Embroidery thread

DIY Mini Art 11.  Cut two straws about a 1/8″ longer than the width or your art work.

DIY Mini Art 22.  Cut the straws only on the top layer down the center.  Refer to the dotted lines in the photo on the left. It’s important that when you cut the straw, it doesn’t turn giving you a slanted line.  If this happens, the straw will not hold the artwork well.

3.  Cut a piece of embroidery thread about three times the length of your straw.  Thread the embroidery floss through the straw.  Tie loose ends into a knot. Then position the thread so the knot is hiding in the straw.

DIY Mini Art4.  Feed the paper through the slits of the straws to attach the straws.  Refer to the photo above.  You shouldn’t need any glue, the straws will grip the paper on their own.  Everything will stay in place providing your artwork isn’t too heavy.  If you’re concerned about your frame coming apart, you can add a little glue to the straws.

DIY Mini Art with Japanese PackagingJust for fun, I framed a few pieces of paper cut out from Japanese candy packages.   As you can see, this craft is pretty versatile.  This project would work well with postcards and other keepsakes as well.

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  1. Woohoo, I’m making cute demotivators for my friends at work tonight! :) :p

    Btw congratulations for your site…

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