How do you Look at Craft Books

Paris Haute Couture bookParis Haute Couture

How do you look at craft books?  Do you look at them to find a specific project to make or do you look to them for inspiration.  I personally do a little bit of both.  But I mainly look at books for inspiration.  For example, when I look at a craft book, I see more than just the projects. I look deep into the details, the techniques, the supplies, and the colors. From there I draw inspiration. And when I say “draw inspiration”, I’m not just changing the color of a project. I’m changing the entire project.

Below are a few examples of my thought process and how I find inspiration in books.

Paris Haute Couture book 2Photo from Paris Haute Couture

I’m not just inspired by craft books.  Sometimes I draw inspiration from books about nature, photography, etc. Last week this couture fashion book caught my eye.  Some of the questions I found myself asking were:

  • Are their color combinations that I like?  What project would lend itself well to this color combination?
  • How would this texture (picture above) transfer to a different medium?  Paper?

Sweet Paper Crafts book

Sweet paper crafts book 2Photo from Sweet Paper Crafts

Since Easter is rapidly approaching, I’ve been thinking about crafts specific to that holiday.  This image had me asking:

  • Are there honeycomb shaped eggs?
  • Could I cut an egg shape out of honeycomb paper?
  • What would it look like if I just painted the edges of a honeycomb egg?  Gold paint?
  • What could I use the honeycomb eggs for?  Ceiling decorations?  Bunting? Centerpiece?

Temari Japanese Thread BallsThis temari book caught my eye right away because it’s one of those crafts I’ve always wanted to try.  One day.

Temari Japanese Thread Balls 2Photo from Temari: How to make Japanese Thread Balls

  • These eggs would look great in smaller versions hanging from tree branches.
  • Could I make a faux version of these eggs?  Marker on hallowed out eggs?  Printable?
  • What else could I apply this technique too?  Handbag?  Pillow?  Back of chair?

How about you?  How do you look at craft books?  What inspires you?

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