Don’t Eat The Photo Props

Don't Eat The Photo Props PosterThis post is for all bloggers (or photographers) who struggle with their family and friends eating the photo props. There have been numerous times when I’ve had to remind my family not to eat the photo props. Just the other day this conversation happened:

Husband:  Are you using those jolly rancher gummies for anything? (note: they’re sitting in a pile of washi tape)

Me:  Yes, they’re for a post.

Husband: Oh, because I had a few already.

Me:  Don’t eat any more! I don’t know what the ratio of X’s to O’s are in there. (yes, I really said that)

So I decided to do something I should have done years ago, make a sign.  And if you need a sign in your life like this, click here for the PDF.

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  1. hahahaha!!! So cute, I think I need it. This has happened to me many times! Except, for some strange reason, no one wanted to eat the gefilte fish I was photographing one day. Go figure.

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