DIY Washi Tape Camera Card

washi tape camera 2Like many of my craft projects, this card came about out of necessity.  I needed a birthday card for my brother-in-law.  Since he’s into photography, I decided to make a card with a camera image.  The camera is made out of washi tape and was designed to resemble a vintage camera.  Directions below.


Cardstock folded in half

Washi tape in black, silver, and green

Parchment paper


Standard size hole punch

Black pen – I like to use Micron pens

*Always cut washi tape on parchment paper so it doesn’t stick to your scissors.

washi tape camera 31.  Cut a piece of washi tape about the length of one inch.  Place on parchment paper.

2.  Center a thin strip of black tape on top of the green tape.  Cut off excess tape (refer to dotted lines).

3.  Your tape should now look like fig. 3.  Position this piece where you want it on your card.

4.  Cut out a small trapezoid shape in green.

5. Position the small trapezoid at the top of the camera.

washi tape camera 46.  Place a small piece of silver tape on parchment paper and punch out a circle.

7.  Peel circle off parchment paper and place it on a small piece of green tape.  Cut around the silver circle (refer to dotted lines).

8.  Place both circles on camera.

9.  Cut a small piece of silver tape into a rectangle and place it on the trapezoid piece.

10. With a pen, draw a button on the top of the camera.

washi tape cameraFor my card, I printed out the word “smile” before I added the camera but you could just leave your card blank.   This washi tape camera could also be used for scrapbooking.

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