DIY Pearlized Easter Eggs

DIY Pearlized Easter EggsWith just a little pearl dust you can add a touch of sophistication to the basic dyed Easter egg.  This DIY project is kid friendly and easy to do.  And most importantly, everything used to decorate these eggs is safe to eat.


Hard-boiled Eggs



Liquid Food Coloring

Wilton Pearl Dust in desired colors – Make sure you use the pearl dust and not the shimmer dust.

Cake Decorating Brush – this is optional

Basic Directions to Dye Eggs

Add 2 Tablespoons of vinegar to one cup of boiling water.

Add about 20 drops of desired food coloring to water.

Let hard-boiled eggs sit in water mixture for five minutes.

Take eggs out and let dry.

DIY Pearlized Easter Eggs 2Before you start, make sure your dyed eggs are completely dry.  Dip your finger or brush into the pearl dust and rub it all over the egg.  Apply a second coat if you want it to have more sparkle.

For the eggs pictured at the top of this post, we applied the pink pearl dust to all the eggs regardless of their color.  For a more refined look, you might want to match the pearl dust color to the egg color.  Or you could use a dust color (gold, silver or white) that will blend well with any egg color.

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  1. Michelle L says:

    Cool, I had no idea there was edible pearl dust! I really like the way the pink dust looks with different colors underneath – a nice harmony.

  2. Cassi says:

    Wow! What an amazing boost just a little bit of pearl dust gave to the color! I’ll be sharing this on The Crafty Crow soon!

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