DIY Origami Box with a Printable

Printable Origami Box 6Today’s craft project is actually two tutorials rolled into one.  First, I’m going to show you how to print directly on origami paper with an inkjet printer.  I even made a few templates for you to use.  Second, I’ll be sharing directions on how to fold a basic origami box.  Lets get started.

Printable Origami Box 5

How to Print on Origami Paper


Template (click here and print on white card stock)

Bow Template (click here)

Class of 2015 Template (click here)

6in x 6in  origami paper

Washi Tape


Printable Origami Box

1.  Take four strips of origami tape and place them on a blank piece of cardstock. Now, slowly peel them off. This is going to lessen the strength of the tape, that way it will not ruin the origami paper.

2. Tape down a piece of origami paper in the square template.  Make sure none of the tape is peeling up or wrinkled.  You don’t want to jam your printer.

3.  Place paper in printer and choose one of the templates to print (bow or class of 2015).  Make sure you feed the paper into the printer the same way you did with the first template so it prints in the same place.

Printable Origami Box 2

4.  Wait for the ink to dry.  Carefully pull off tape.  You’re now ready to fold a box.

Other options

*Use your own pictures and sayings to print.  Make a basic 6in square template like I did.  Copy that template and add an image to it.

* You could also print one of the templates on colored paper and cut out the square.

How To Fold an Origami Box

Printable Origami Box 3

Origami Box Directions

1.  Fold paper in half, unfold (refer to dotted lines).

2.  Fold all corners to the center of the paper (refer to dotted lines).

3.  Your paper should now look like this.  Turn 90 degrees.

4. Fold both sides to center, unfold.

5. Fold the top and bottom of paper to center, unfold.

6. Unfold left and right sides.

7.  Fold the top and bottom of the paper to the center.

8.  Fold according to dotted lines.

9.  Fold according to dotted lines.

10.  Fold top and bottom flap up at 90 degrees.  You will begin to see the box forming.

11.  Fold right and left flaps up and over to create the box.  Refer to dotted lines.

12. Done.

Printable Origami Box 4Use these origami boxes for favors, gifts, and more.

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