DIY Christmas Sweater Gift Tags

DIY sweater gift tags 2If you’ve been hoarding Christmas cards for crafting, this project is for you.  All you need are a few humble supplies plus Christmas cards to make these mini sweater gift tags.  The trick to making your tags look like sweaters depends on the placement of the sweater template.  For example, I centered the template on the top of the Christmas tree image for the sweater on the left.  Cards with recurring patterns like the red gift tag pictured above work well too.  Play around with the templates and have fun.  DIY sweater gift tags 4Supplies:

Sweater template – Click here to download.  Print and cut out templates.  You only need one template but I added three others just in case.

Christmas cards

Pen or pencil


Hole punch

String, ribbon, etc.

DIY sweater gift tags1.  Place cut out template on card image.

2.  Trace template onto your image with a pen.

3.  Cut out sweater shape with scissors.

4.  Punch a hole at the top of the sweater.

5.  String gift tag with ribbon and tie in a knot to secure.

DIY sweater gift tags 3I noticed in the past years more and more people are sending photo cards instead of the traditional holiday cards.  I’m curious, which kind of card do you prefer receiving/giving.

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