DIY Book Cover with Wrapping Paper

DIY Book Cover 2Like many of my projects, this one came about out of necessity. My son brought home a few books that needed to be covered. My first thought was to use the tried and true brown paper bag method. That’s what I used for my books in middle school and high school. There was just one problem, we didn’t have any brown paper bags. It’s a funny thing, ever since stores started charging for bags, I’ve become really good at remembering to bring my own. So, I went rummaging through our garage and came out armed with wrapping paper and a roll of laminate.  Problem solved.


Wrapping Paper – I purchased mine at Paper Source



Clear Laminate – or clear contact paper

Tape – optional

DIY Book Cover1.  Place your book opened flat in the center of the wrapping paper. The paper should be four inches longer on each side of the book and two inches taller on the top and bottom of the book. Refer to fig.1

2.  Place a piece of clear laminate across the length of the paper in the center (on top of the decorative side).  The laminate doesn’t have to cover the entire paper.  You just want the laminate’s height to be taller than your book.  Refer to fig. 2  The laminate will protect the book from liquids and make the wrapping paper more sturdy.

3.  Turn paper over so the wrong side is facing up. Fold paper on top and bottom so it’s the same height as the book.  Refer to fig. 3

4.  Place your book opened flat in the center of the wrapping paper and lightly fold the left and right flaps over the hard book cover.  Unfold.  Refer to fig 4

5.  Place book closed on the right side of paper.  Pull left side of paper over the top of the book.  Refer to fig 5

6.  Tuck the book front cover of the book into the left paper flap. Tuck the the book back cover into the right flap.  Done.  Refer to fig 6

*You can reinforce the flaps with tape if you want.

DIY Book Cover 3This book cover has received the seal of approval from a tween boy.

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  1. I used to love the first week of school because it gave me the chance to cover a big stack of books! I was a paper lover even then, never realizing how it would play out. :) So glad you posted this tut as I think covering books is becoming a lost art.

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