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Famous Paintings recreated with Washi Tape

washi tape mona lisaI think we can all agree, this puts washi tape art at a whole new level.  I love all the patterns merging together to recreate the Mona Lisa.  It’s absolutely breathtaking. The artist behind this piece, is Nasa Funahara.  You can see more of her work on Loftwork.

washi tape last supperThe Last Supper recreated with washi tape.

washi tape fuji mtSouth Wind, Clear Sky recreated with washi tape.

via spoon and tamago

Craft: Washi Tape Frame Cards

washi tape kid card craft 2I always like to have a few extra cards on hand for birthdays, thank-you, etc. That way they’re ready to go if I have any last minute special occasions to celebrate. It also saves me an extra trip to the store which is always a good thing. One way I keep my cards well stocked is by making them. And these washi tape frame cards are perfect for just that. They’re quick to make and easy to alter for different celebrations.


Art work –  clippings of postcards, cards, magazines, etc.

White card stock

Glue dots or glue

Washi tape in coordinating colors


washi tape kid card craft 31.  Center image to card stock and adhere with glue dots.

2.  Place tape around image to make frame.  I found it was easier to overlap all the tape so it made a (#) shape.  Then I just trimmed off the excess tape.

3.  Depending on the size of the image, add a second frame to overlap the first.

washi tape kid card craft 5Experiment with different shape frames. And if you don’t like how it looks, you can pull the tape off and reposition it. That’s one of the many great things about washi tape.

DIY Washi Tape Spider Web

washi tape spider web wall artSince we moved into our new house, I haven’t had a chance to decorate the living room. So, I decided to use that to my advantage and make the wall my personal canvas.  Good plan, right?  I got out my favorite craft medium (washi tape) and created this oversized spider web. The web was easy to make, it just took a little time cutting/applying all the tape (about 45 minutes).  If you want to try something like this on your wall, I’ve provided simple directions below.


Regular width size roll of black washi tape – I used almost the entire roll for this project

Thin width roll of black washi tape – I used the whole roll for this project

Washi Tape Spider Web Directions

washi tape spider web wall art 21.  With regular sized washi tape, place five strips on the wall to make a star shape.

2.  With thin washi tape, place one piece in the wedge (refer to fig 2).

3.  Add a second piece of tape (refer to fig. 3).

4.  Repeat steps 2 and 3 to fill in all the wedges.  Continue to do this, making a larger ring outside of each ring until the web is complete.

*Washi tape is low tack and should come off your walls easily without ruining the paint.

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