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MT 2015 Washi Tape Spring & Summer Collection

Washi Tape CatalogFor all you washi tape fans, the 2015 MT washi tape summer & spring catalog is available to view online. There are hundreds of prints in the catalog; there’s something for everyone. You can purchase the tape on the MT online store.  I have noticed some of the tapes are not available in the English online store.  For those hard to find tapes, I usually turn to Etsy where I can find most prints.

Click here the Summer Spring Catalog

mintdesigns washi tapeImage from the catalog

Ed Emberly Washi TapeEd Emberley washi tape – we have some of his drawing books

wamon washi tapeWamon is a new series you’ll find in the catalog

Make It Vintage Magazine

Make it Vintage MagazineHave you ever heard of the magazine Make it Vintage?  I just recently learned about the publication.  I was told Fun With Washi was going to be featured in the magazine so naturally I was curious about it. I figured next time I was at the bookstore I would look for it.  But it just so happened when I was grocery shopping today, I stumbled across the magazine.  So here I am with my little discovery and I must say it’s quite lovely.

Below are few pictures from the spring 2015 issue.

Make it Vintage Magazine 2Fun With Washi Feature :)

Make it Vintage Magazine 3I really liked this re-upholstered chair project.  I also like the idea of the faux fireplace.  It would be fun for a kid’s room.

Make it Vintage Magazine 4I noticed throughout the magazine there were a lot of washi tape details.  There wasn’t any specific projects but there were a lot of creative and inspiring ideas.

Do you have a favorite craft/design magazine?  Please share in the comments.

Valentine Cards with a Purpose

Positive Valentine CardsThis year I decided to change things up a little with our Valentine cards.  Normally I make a standard card that my daughter can sign and give out to everyone.  This time I plan on making them more personal and giving them a purpose.  My daughter will address each card and write something she likes about that child.   The cards read, “I like that you ________.” and she will fill in the blanks. It could be as simple as, “I like that you are kind”.    The emphasis will be on writing something sincere and positive.

I know this isn’t for everyone. If you like the idea, there are directions below.


White Cardstock – 8 1/2 in x 11 in

Washi Tape


Parchment Paper

valentine cards 5









Click here for Valentine card template. washi tape envelope directions

Directions to make outside pouch

1.   Cut a piece of card stock to 8 1/2 in x 2 3/4 in.  You will get exactly 4 strips out of a standard size piece of cardstock.

2.  Fold in half.  Refer to fig 2.

3.  Place two pieces of tape on the top and bottom of the paper with half of it hanging off the edge.  Fold tape to the back side to seal the folded paper together.

4.  Your paper should now look like fig 4.  Trim tape with scissors (refer to dotted blue lines).

5.  Decorate the top of the pouch.  Set aside.

positive valentine cards 2Directions for the Valentine card.

1.  Print Valentine card template on cardstock.

2.  Cut into eight pieces (refer to crop marks).  Make sure the crop marks are cut off.

3.  Place a piece of washi tape on the right side of the card with about one inch of it hanging off the edge.  Fold it over so the sticky sides of tape come together.  A little of the tape should be on the back side of the card.  This will be the pull tab for the card.

4.  With a pen, write pull on the tape.  Let dry.

5.  Write a message on the card and tuck the card inside the pouch. Done.

DIY Mitten Gift Tags

washi tape mitten gift tagsOver the weekend I hosted a crafternoon at the Oakland Asian Library Branch. For the event I made a mitten template for washi tape greeting cards.  It turned out to be a good craft for all ages. Children as little as 3 were able to make their own card (with a little help from their parents).  So today I’m sharing the template with all of you.  But instead of cards, I’m  making gift tags with the template.
washi tape mitten gift tags 5Supplies:

Mitten template printed on card stock – click here for PDF

Washi tape in various prints/colors


Hole Punch

Baker’s twine or string

Mini pom-poms

Glue Dots

washi tape mitten gift tags 31.  Begin to cover mitten with washi tape.  It doesn’t matter if you go out of the lines.

2.  Cover the whole mitten with tape.  I added a contrasting print at the bottom as a decorative cuff.

3.  With scissors, cut out the mitten.

4.  Punch a small hole at the center bottom of the mitten and add thread the baker’s twine trough it.  Place a glue dot on the hole and string and cover with a mini pom-pom.  Buttons also work well.

washi tape mitten gift tags 2Play around with different prints to make a variety of mitten gift tags.

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