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DIY Washi Tape Pencil Toppers

DIY Washi tape pencil toppers

I can’t remember the last time I posted a washi tape craft on Zakka Life.  I do know It’s long overdue.  So today I’m sharing how to make washi tape pencil toppers.  These toppers easily slide on and off pencils.  They’re also easy to make.


Wide straws – I use bubble tea straws that you can get at the Asian market.  You can also look for smoothie straws.  Unfortunately those pretty paper straws do not work for this project.  They’re too skinny and will not fit over the pencil which is important.


Washi tape – any color or print

DIY Washi Tape Pencil Toppers 31.  With scissors, cut your straw into 2in pieces.

2.  Place a small piece of washi tape on top of the straw.

3. Cut the edges of the tape and stop at the straw.  Refer to dotted lines in fig. 3.

4.  Fold all pieces of tape down on the sides of the straw.

DIY Washi Tape Pencil Toppers 45. Wrap a piece of tape around the top of the straw to cover up the tape from step 4.

6.  Continue to wrap pieces of tape around the straw until it covers the whole thing.  You can stick with the same color or change the colors/prints as you go.

7. Wrap a 5in piece of washi tape around the top of the straw.  The tape should extend out and come together (sticky sides together) to make the flag.

8. Trim the flag by cutting out a “V” shape on the side of it.

DIY Washi tape pencil toppers 2To personalize the pencil toppers, write a name or initials on the flag.


Photos + Washi Tape = Cute Gift Wrap

DIY Photo Gift WrapNeed an excuse to use your washi tape stash or buy more for it?  Try out this washi tape framed photo technique that can be used on gift wrap or any flat surface.

Lets get wrapping!

DIY photo giftwrapSupplies:

Printed Photo with a white border that is half the width of your tape (refer to picture)

Washi tape


Parchment paper

DIY Photo Gift Wrap 3Lay a piece of parchment paper down for your crafting surface.  Place your photo on top of it.  Now, place four pieces of tape on the sides of your photo.  The tape should only cover the border and hang half way off the sides of the photo. All four corners of tape should overlap.  Refer to the picture above.

DIY Photo Gift Wrap 4Lift up one corner of the tape and cut the tape corner to corner.  You’re only cutting the tape, not the photo.

DIY Photo Gift Wrap 5After you cut the tape, it should look like the photo above. You’ll now have two little pieces of tape on each side that can be removed.  Carefully peel these off.

DIY Photo Gift Wrap 6When you pull off the two small pieces of tape, you will get a perfect mitered corner.  Repeat these steps for all corners of your picture.

DIY Photo Gift Wrap 2Peel the entire piece off you parchment paper and attach it to your wrapped gift. Done.

Gift wrapping tip –  Keep a roll of white gift wrapping paper on hand so you will be ready for any occasion.  I like to use the white ribbed paper that’s sold at Michaels.

DIY Washi Tape Bookmarks

DIY Washi Tape BookmarkFeel like doing a little crafting today?  Grab a couple rolls of your favorite washi tape and try your hands at this simple bookmark.


Used envelopes


Washi Tape

DIY Washi Tape Bookmark 11. Cut the corner of an envelope off.  Refer to dotted lines.  You can also use the other corner for a second bookmark.

DIY Washi Tape Bookmark 22.  Your triangle should look something like the image on the left.  If you cut it correctly, it will be a little triangle pocket.

3.  Start covering the triangle with washi tape.

DIY Washi Tape Bookmark 34.  Once the entire triangle is covered, cut off the excess tape.  Refer to orange dotted lines.

5.  Flip over the triangle and repeat steps 3 and 4. Done

Now you just need to find a good book to read.

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