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MT 2015 Washi Tape Spring & Summer Collection

Washi Tape CatalogFor all you washi tape fans, the 2015 MT washi tape summer & spring catalog is available to view online. There are hundreds of prints in the catalog; there’s something for everyone. You can purchase the tape on the MT online store.  I have noticed some of the tapes are not available in the English online store.  For those hard to find tapes, I usually turn to Etsy where I can find most prints.

Click here the Summer Spring Catalog

mintdesigns washi tapeImage from the catalog

Ed Emberly Washi TapeEd Emberley washi tape – we have some of his drawing books

wamon washi tapeWamon is a new series you’ll find in the catalog

Heart Embellished Twist Ties

Heart Twist Ties 4Need a last-minute idea to package up your Valentine treats?  May I suggest some cellophane bags with heart embellished twist ties.  They are super easy and quick to make.  I’m talking “less than a minute to make” quick.  Sadly, I can’t say the same thing about the cookies.

Heart Twist TiesSupplies:

Heart Stickers

Twist Ties – I purchased the polka dot twist ties at Daiso

Cellophane Bags

Heart Twist Ties 21.  Place a heart sticker at each end of the twist tie.  The sticky side is facing up in the top image.

2.  Place a heart sticker on top of each heart (adhesive sides together).

Heart Twist Ties 53. Fill up a cellophane bag with some treats and secure the bag with a twist tie.

You could make these with other stickers as well.  You just want and make sure the stickers are symmetrical so they  line up back-to-back.

Printable Origami Kewpie

origami angel kewpieDo you remember Kewpie dolls?  They first started off as comic characters by Rose O’Neill.  Later on they were produced as dolls.  But when I think of them, vintage Valentine cards come to mind.

I discovered this printable origami Kewpie (pictured above) on a Japanese Kewpie site.  It would be cute as a Valentine or a gift decoration.  Click here for the printable.  After the jump scroll down for the angel Kewpie (there are lots of other themed Kewpies).   The directions are in Japanese but there are also illustrations.

An Out of This World Valentine

out of this world ValentineI designed this outer space themed Valentine card in 2012.  You might have seen it in the 2013 February issue of Family Fun Magazine.  It’s one my favorite Valentines and I hope you like it too.  Directions on how to construct the this “out of world” card below.


Black Cardstock

X-Acto knife

Metallic Gel Pens

Super Balls

out of this world Valentine 21. Cut out a heart about 5 to 6 inches in width.

2. Using a separate piece of paper, cut out a hole slightly smaller that the diameter of your super ball.  Make sure the ball will fit inside the hole snugly.  Use this paper as a template to draw a circle on your heart.  Cut the circle out with an X-Acto knife.

out of this world Valentine 33.  Draw various size planets and stars on your heart with the gel pens.  Write your message on the Valentine as well.

Out of this world Valentine 4

4.  Place the super ball into the hole on the heart.  It should stay on its own, no tape or glue required.

Printable Roller Skate Valentine Cards

Printable Roller skate ValentineEvery time I see a pair of roller skates, I can hear the song Celebration by Kool & The Gang.

A few years back, I made these Roller Skate Valentine cards for my daughter. You may recognize them from my other blog.  I decided to change them up a little and add hot pink pom-poms.  Directions below.


Card Stock


Small Hole Punch

Pom-Poms with tail left on


Small Brads

 Printable Roller Skate Valentine templateClick here for Roller Skate PDF

1. Print templates on card stock.  You can use white cardstock like I did or make them different colors.  Cut out all the pieces.

printable roller skate valentine 22.  Place a wheel over the bottom part of the roller skate (refer to picture).

3.  Punch a hole through the wheel and the roller skate.

4.  Place a brad through both holes. Do this for both wheels.

Printable roller skate valentine 45.  Punch a hole in the top heart and thread the yarn through.  Tie the yarn in a bow to secure.

6.  Punch a hole at the toe of the skate and tie a pom-pom to it.  If you’re using pre-made pom-poms, just attach it with a glue dot.  Done.

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