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DIY Fabric yo-yo Coin Purse

Yo-yo Coin PurseUpon request, I’m re-posting the directions for making a fabric yo-yo coin purse.  It was first published in 2011.  The tutorial for this coin purse was also published in Haute Handbags Magazine.


Coin purse frame set (pictured above) – I purchased this one at Daiso. You can also find them on Amazon.

Fabric and matching thread

2 Buttons

E-6000 Glue



DIY yo-yo coin purse 3First create two fabric yo-yo’s. The size of your yo-yo’s will depend on the size of your purse frame. Most frames come with a pattern.  You will need to make your yo-yo’s the size of that pattern. You can find the directions to make fabric yo-yo’s here.

DIY yo-yo coin purse 4Hand sew wrong sides together with a whip stitch (refer to blue dots in photo).

DIY yo-yo coin purse 5Cut raffia (should come with kit) to the length of your frame. Sew on to the opening of both sides of the purse.

DIY yo-yo coin purse 6Add glue to inside of the frame. Push fabric into the inside of the frame. Crimp the frame closed with a pair of pliers. Cover frame with fabric when crimping to protect the frame.

*Usually a purse frame will come with instructions similar to this tutorial.

Yo-yo Coin PurseDone.

Go Green with a Furoshiki

Furoshiki Fabric WrapHappy Earth Day everyone! In honor of this holiday, I’m sharing one way I incorporate green living into my life. It all starts with a furoshiki.  A furoshiki is a Japanese wrapping cloth used to carry items or wrap gifts.They’re great for cutting down on using disposable bags and can be re-used over and over again. I use mine to carry food dishes to potlucks, wrap gifts and wrap up lunch boxes.  I also keep one in my handbag so if I forget my reusable bags, I can use the furoshiki.   And may I say, they’re also much prettier than reusable bags.

The furoshiki has become more mainstream in the last five years so they’re relatively easy to find online.  Pictured above are a few that I really like (link below).  You can also make your own (tutorial here).

1. Kokeshi Faces by Cochae – I especially like Cochae furoshikis because they’re made to look like something when you wrap an item.  This one looks like a kokeshi doll when you wrap a bottle.  They also make ones that look like lucky cats and sumo wrestlers.
2. Furoshiki by Karen Kimmel Studios – I like the contemporary print of these.

3. Folded Paper Print by Lucinda Newton Dunn – This one would be pretty to use as a purse.

Sewing Book: Sew-licious Little Things

Sew-licious Little ThingsSew-licious Little Things: 35 zakka sewing projects to make life more beautiful by Kate Haxell

I have a sewing book to share with you today, Sew-licious Little Things. But it’s not just any sewing book, it’s a zakka style sewing book! Zakka is the Japanese term for “many things” but is also considered a craft genre in itself. Plus, many of you know I’m a big fan of the zakka aesthetic.

Sew-licious LIttle things includes 35 zakka sewing projects. The book is broken up into chapters: For carrying my stuff, To keep my stuff cozy, To make gorgeous things, and To chill. The book is good for intermediate level.  Just from looking at the projects, I would say you need some basic knowledge of sewing. That said, a lot of the projects are simple to make. Included in the directions are step-by-step illustrations. There’s also templates in the back of the book for the sewing projects (some are full-sized and some need to be enlarged).

Below are a few of my favorite projects from Sew-licious Little Things.

Sew-licious Little Things 4Java Jacket

Sew-licious Little Things 3Tied Up Bag

Sew-licious Little Things 2Pocket Pouch – I need to make on of these for my tote bag.

I Heart Mug Rugs

DIY Mug RugsFriends, I did something a little crazy a couple of weeks ago.  I purchased a marble table for our kitchen.   A table that my husband, children and I will eat on every day.  And the one thing I know about marble is that it stains very, very easily.  Even water will leave a mark, if not cleaned up quickly.  So to protect my precious table, I’ve been investing in a lot of placemats and planning on making some mug rugs.  Pictured above are a few of my favorites.  Below you’ll find links on where to get the patterns for them.

1.  Latte to Go Mug Rug by Sew Ichigo – this is a free tutorial and there’s also directions for a matching pouch

2.  Airmail Mug Rug by Amy Morinaka – this pattern can be found in Amy’s book Zakka Handmades

3.  Christmas Star II Mug Rug by Amanda – free tutorial (pop-tart not included)

4.  Cookies and Milk Mug Rug by Nana Company – free tutorial with directions on how to make plate pattern

P.S. If you’re curious about the table, there’s a picture of it on Instagram.

Japanese Craft Book: Rosette, Brooch, Corsage

Japanese rosette craft book

Rosette, Brooch, Corsage ISBN978-4-8347-3754-7

Over the weekend we took a trip out to the Mitsuwa Marketplace which means three things:  grocery shopping, ramen for lunch, and browsing the Japanese book store (Kinokuniya). During my visit I purchased the book Rosette, Brooch, Corsage.  Below are a few of my favorite projects from the book.

We also attended an adorable Totoro themed birthday party for my niece.  My aunt Susan made an amazing Totoro cake for the party which you can see here.

Japanese rosette craft book 2cloud brooches

Japanese rosette craft book 3Flower pins

Japanese rosette craft book 4leaf corsage

Japanese rosette craft book 5brooches with rhinestone details

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