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Printable: Vespa Scooter Origami Paper

origami pencil boxRaise of hands, who likes vintage Vespa scooters?  I personally have always found them charming. Perhaps it’s because I associate them with Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday.  So when Dessy recommended a Vespa for an origami paper print, I was on board.

origami pencil box with vespa printSince the Vespa print is larger than usual, I made the origami paper larger.  The printable paper is 7in-by-7in.  I also made it this size so it would be easy to fold into a pencil case.  The pencil case origami instructions I used required the paper to be folded into 7 equal sections.  That said, the paper is still too tiny to make a functional pencil case.  However, it does make a cute case to fit little trinkets.

Click here for the origami pencil case instruction video.

vespa origami paper printableClick here for the Vespa Origami Paper Printable.

Printable: Origami Paper with Coffee Cups

Coffee Cup Origami PaperMore recommendations have been coming in for the origami printables.  Thanks guys!  This coffee cup print was suggested by Colleen.  If you want to recommend an idea, leave a comment on this post or email me (jessica (at)

Dessy, I’m still working on a vespa print for you :)


Printable Coffee Cup Origami PaperClick here for the origami paper printable, coffee cups.

For the top photo, I used the origami paper to fold a heart.  It also happens to be the perfect size for a drink coaster.  Directions for the heart can be found at Origami Club.

Printable: Speech Bubble Origami Paper

printable speech bubble origami paperThis week’s printable was inspired by comic books.  I decided to leave out the common images associated with comic books.  Instead, the paper features speech bubbles and dots.  This way the paper is more versatile.  I also like that you can write your own words in the bubbles.  This origami paper lends itself well to folded envelopes and notes.   For the envelope pictured above, I found the directions at Craft Studios.

speech bubble origami paperClick here for the free printable: speech bubble origami paper.

Printable: Sun and Cloud Origami Paper

Sun and Cloud Origami PaperA couple of weeks ago I asked what origami prints you would like to see next.  Rin recommended “baby prints suitable for a nursery”.  I must admit, this was a challenge for me.  When I think of a nursery, I see pastels and animals.  However, I know nursery rooms are more contemporary now featuring greys and chevron prints.  That said, I think these sun and cloud prints meets somewhere in the middle.

I made two versions of the origami paper: blue and purple clouds.  Links below for the free download.

Sun and Cloud Origami Paper 2Click here for Blue Cloud and Sun Origami Paper

Click her for Purple Cloud and Sun Origami Paper

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