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Printable: Guitar Valentine Cards

Guitar ValentineBack by popular demand, Printable Guitar Valentines!

Over the past week, I’ve been receiving emails for this guitar valentine.  I’m sorry if I haven’t returned your email, I’ve just been really busy with life.  Last weekend I was in Carmel with my husband.  It was the first time in over 12 years that we were away from our children for more than one night! Crazy. I’ve also been shuttling children to school, practices, etc.  I’m heading up Art Night at our school again.  And last, I’m leading a Divorce Care 4 Kids class at our church.  But enough about me, here’s the directions to the guitar valentines:


Heart Shaped Lollipops

White Card Stock


Hole Punch

Double Stick Tape

Guitar Valentine 5Click here for Guitar Valentine Printable.

Guitar Valentine 6Cut out the cards and punch a hole in the center of them, refer to picture.

Guitar Valentine 2Fold in the packaging of the lollipop and tape down. This will prevent it from showing once the card is attached.

Guitar Valentine 3Place the card onto the lollipop stick. Using double stick tape, attach the bottom corners of the guitar together. Rock out.

Guitar Valentine 4

Printable: Origami Frankenstein Doll

Printable Frankenstein Origami DollToday’s printable is an origami Frankenstein.  And for the Mary Shelley fans, today’s printable is an origami Adam.  This Frankenstein monster was created to fold up the same way as the origami kokeshi doll.  This doll can stand on its own and be used for a decoration, bookmark, etc.

Printable Frankenstein Origami Doll 2Click here for the origami Frankenstein printable.

Kokeshi doll origami instructions

Frankenstein Origami Directions

1.  Start with print side facing down.

2.  Fold edges to the center of the paper. Flip paper over.

3.  Using the bottom of the white rectangle as a guide, fold the paper down (refer to fig. 3).

4.  Your paper should look something like fig. 4.  Fold the paper up using the bottom of the white rectangle as your guide.

5.  You should now be able to see just the face and body (no white).  Refer to fig 5.  Flip paper over.

6.  Fold flaps in and unfold.  Refer to fig 6.

7.  Begin to fold flap over to the right.  Refer to fig 7.

8.  Continue to fold until the flap meets at the center.  Refer to fig 8.

9.  Your paper should now look like fig 9.

10.  Repeat on right side.  Refer to fig 10.

11.  Skip step 11

12.  Fold left and right sides in.  Refer to fig 12.

13.  The back of your doll should look like fig 13 minus the corners folded in from step 11.  Flip the image over and you’re done.

Curious, what do you refer to the monster as: Frankenstein, Adam, or Frankenstein’s monster?

Printable: Halloween Origami Paper

Halloween Origami PaperNow that it’s October, I figure a Halloween printable is in order.  For this origami print, I made the witches on the kawaii (cute) side.  This print is perfect for folding containers to store treats.  You can also use this printable for Halloween cards and digital scrapbooking.

Click here for the printable Halloween Origami Paper.


Printable: Ginkgo Leaf Origami Paper

Printable Ginkgo Leaf Origami PaperOne thing I miss about Connecticut in the fall are the vibrant colored leaves. Now I’m surrounded by California brown.  There are some trees here that have color but it’s nothing like the trees on the east coast. So today, I’m bringing a little fall my way and yours with this ginkgo leaf origami print.  If you’re not into origami, consider using this paper for scrapbooking or cards.

Click here for the Ginkgo Leaf Origami Paper.

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