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Printable: Origami Binder Paper

Origami Binder Paper PrintableThis week’s origami paper is inspired by, you guessed it, back to school. More specifically, it’s inspired by doodling on binder paper.   When I was in school, my binders were always filled with silly drawings and sayings.  How about you?  Did you like to doodle?  Did you have a favorite thing to draw?

binder paper origami paperClick here to download Origami Binder Paper.

Origami Koi Fish

origami koiHi everyone!  Sorry there’s no origami printable this week.  It’s been a very busy month for me.  I just returned back from LA.  It’s the second time I’ve driven there in two weeks!

Instead of posting all my trips and activities on Zakka Life, I’ve been posting on Instagram.  Pictured above is a recent photo I shared of two origami koi fish I folded.  If you’re curios to see what else I’ve been up to, you can follow me on Instagram.

Want to fold some koi of your own?  Click here to see the YouTube video by Riccardo Foschi.


Printable: Cactus Origami Paper

Cactus Origami PaperHave I ever told you about the time I ran into a cactus?  True story:  When I was in the sixth grade, my parents let me go to Mexico with my best friend’s family for a month!  Everyday we would go hiking. One day I was running down a hill that we just hiked up and ran into a small cactus.  I ended up with a bunch of little spines sticking out of my leg just like you would see in a cartoon.  Luckily I wasn’t hurt bad.  My leg was just sore for a day or two.  So now every time I see a cactus, I can’t help but think of that story.

What does this have to do with origami paper?  Nothing really except the origami paper of the week is a cactus print.   Click here for the origami paper printable.

Mexico TripFor those interested, above is a picture of the camper we drove/lived in around Mexico.  In the picture is my friend’s little brother. If it looks like we were out in the middle of nowhere it’s because we were.  The trip was a little crazy but a great life experience.

Printable: Origami Chopstick Holder

printable origami paper for chopstick holdersHave you ever heard someone say, “Itadakimasa” right before they start to eat?  It basically means “let’s eat” in Japanese. It’s comparable to saying, “bon appetit” or “thanks for the food”. With that in mind, I chose to incorporate it into the chopstick holders.  I like that it gives the chopstick cases a bold and contemporary look.

For the origami paper printable, click here.  Print on colored copy paper.  I didn’t add color to the printable so it would use less ink.  Directions to fold the chopstick holders below.
Origami Chopstick Holder Instructionsprintable origami paper for chopstick holders 2

Printable: Paint Splatter Origami Paper

Printable Origami PaperOrigami paper with texture and depth has always appealed to me.  Texture can add character and life to a piece compared to a flat color. With the bow (pictured above), there’s the illusion of texture with the paint spatter. This kind of print is versatile and lends itself well to folding, animals, flowers, and clothing.

Paint Splatter Origami Paper

Click here to get the free origami paper printable.  The copyright stamp will not show up on the actual print.

Come back each Monday to get the latest origami print!

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