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Printable: Cactus Origami Paper

Cactus Origami PaperHave I ever told you about the time I ran into a cactus?  True story:  When I was in the sixth grade, my parents let me go to Mexico with my best friend’s family for a month!  Everyday we would go hiking. One day I was running down a hill that we just hiked up and ran into a small cactus.  I ended up with a bunch of little spines sticking out of my leg just like you would see in a cartoon.  Luckily I wasn’t hurt bad.  My leg was just sore for a day or two.  So now every time I see a cactus, I can’t help but think of that story.

What does this have to do with origami paper?  Nothing really except the origami paper of the week is a cactus print.   Click here for the origami paper printable.

Mexico TripFor those interested, above is a picture of the camper we drove/lived in around Mexico.  In the picture is my friend’s little brother. If it looks like we were out in the middle of nowhere it’s because we were.  The trip was a little crazy but a great life experience.

Printable: Button Organizer

Printable Button OrganizerI like to think of myself as an organized person. I keep all my extra buttons that come with newly purchased clothing in my dresser.  Sounds reasonable, right?  But somehow my plan failed me.  The one time I needed to use the emergency button, it was nowhere to be found.  In my struggle, I decided there needed to be a better way. Hence, I created this printable to organize my emergency buttons.

This button organizer was created so it could be hung on a closet door,a hanger, or directly on a clothing rack.

Directions below:

printable button organizer 2Click here for Printable Button organizer




Stapler or Tape


1.  Print out template on cardstock.

2.  Cut out cardstock with scissors.

3.  Cut out circle (refer to dotted lines). Done

*For the top picture I only stapled two buttons on the organizer but it could hold a lot more.  You could also tape buttons to the back side. I recommend writing what the button came with so there’s no confusion in the future.

By the way, I’m still looking for that missing button.  It’s black and silver and goes to a cute cape.  Has anyone seen it?

Weekend Roundup

SF Flower MartSan Francisco Flower Mart

How is everyone this Monday? I feel like I need another weekend just to recover from the last. Can anyone relate?

Here’s what tired me out in a good way:

The San Francisco Flower Mart – This is a wholesale flower market and is open to the public Monday – Saturday.  If you’re planning a party or just like flowers, this is a good place to visit.  We found a couple of Mother’s Day gifts when we were there.  One of them may have been for me.

Turtle Tower – Right on the same block of the flower market is a good Vietnamese restaurant.  The chicken pho is popular there.

cookies for Boys DayCookies by Aunt Susan

Our extended family got together to celebrate: 3 Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Girls’ Day and Boys’ Day.  It pretty much felt like Christmas in May.  Pictured above are some of the cookies made for the party by my Aunt Susan.

paperclayMy daughter had a friend spend the night so there was a lot of silliness and crafting going on.  They made little cakes and treats out of paper clay.  They used food molds to make the pint size desserts.  The paper clay molds are by Fuwafuwa Mousse from here.

Go Green with a Furoshiki

Furoshiki Fabric WrapHappy Earth Day everyone! In honor of this holiday, I’m sharing one way I incorporate green living into my life. It all starts with a furoshiki.  A furoshiki is a Japanese wrapping cloth used to carry items or wrap gifts.They’re great for cutting down on using disposable bags and can be re-used over and over again. I use mine to carry food dishes to potlucks, wrap gifts and wrap up lunch boxes.  I also keep one in my handbag so if I forget my reusable bags, I can use the furoshiki.   And may I say, they’re also much prettier than reusable bags.

The furoshiki has become more mainstream in the last five years so they’re relatively easy to find online.  Pictured above are a few that I really like (link below).  You can also make your own (tutorial here).

1. Kokeshi Faces by Cochae – I especially like Cochae furoshikis because they’re made to look like something when you wrap an item.  This one looks like a kokeshi doll when you wrap a bottle.  They also make ones that look like lucky cats and sumo wrestlers.
2. Furoshiki by Karen Kimmel Studios – I like the contemporary print of these.

3. Folded Paper Print by Lucinda Newton Dunn – This one would be pretty to use as a purse.

Pom-Poms, Totoro and a Few Good Links

DIY totoroLast week I was busy working on DIY projects for my daughter’s room.  One of the projects is a -pom-pom rug (pictured above) which I’m still working on.  It has turned into the never-ending project.  Just when I think I’ve made enough pom-poms, I need more.  Have you ever had a project like that? I think this is why I like short and sweet crafts.

Since I don’t have a craft tutorial for you today, I’m sharing a few links that you might want to check out:

Totoro tutorial (pictured above) by Cheek and Stitch – her version looks much better than mine

Sweet Potato Latte Recipe by Eugenie Kitchen – I’m looking forward to making this for breakfast.

Fun With Washi Book Giveaway by Mod Podge Rocks

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