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DIY Miniature Colored Pencils

DIY Miniature Colored Pencils 3Last Wednesday I mentioned I would be re-posting my miniature colored pencil tutorial.  It was originally posted in 2011. I can’t believe it has been that long?!  Since it has been a while, I made a new batch of mini colored pencils and took some new photos.

This is a great craft for kids and doesn’t take much time to make.  The little pencils can also be used for cards, scrapbooking, collages, etc.

DIY Miniature Colored Pencils 2Just for fun, I made some mini washi tape rolls.  I even folded a mini origami box to hold it in.  I also folded a tiny crane.  The ruler was a leftover charm from a previous craft.

DIY Miniature Colored Pencil Tutorial


Plain toothpicks



Colored markers – various colors

DIY Miniature Colored Pencils 4

Craft Tips

*Be careful when cutting the toothpick.  The other half shoots into the air if you don’t hold it.

*Sand in one direction to keep the wood from splitting.

*Have a piece of paper under your toothpick when coloring it.  Some of the marker will rub off until it dries.

DIY Miniature Colored Pencils

Printable: Origami Kokeshi Doll

Origami Kokeshi DollEvery year I create a special post for the Japanese holiday Hinamatsuri (Girls’ Day or Doll’s Day, March 3).  Usually it’s a tutorial or a round-up of crafts relating to Girls’ Day.  This year I decided to make an origami kokeshi doll for the occasion.  You can make one too with the PDF file provided below.

Origami Kokeshi Doll 3Click here for the PDF.  You’ll notice in the PDF there’s a copyright stamp on the image.  When you fold up the doll, you will not be able to see it.

Print image and cut out with scissors.

Kokeshi doll origami instructionsKokeshi Doll Instructions

1.  Start with print side facing down.

2.  Fold edges to the center of the paper. Flip paper over.

3.  Using the bottom of the white rectangle as a guide, fold the paper down (refer to fig. 3).

4.  Your paper should look something like fig. 4.  Fold the paper up using the bottom of the white rectangle as your guide.

5.  You should now be able to see just the face and body (no white).  Refer to fig 5  Flip paper over.

6.  Fold flaps in and unfold.  Refer to fig 6.

7.  Begin to fold flap over to the right.  Refer to fig 7.

8.  Continue to fold until the flap meets at the center.  Refer to fig 8.

9.  Your paper should now look like fig 9.

10.  Repeat on right side.  Refer to fig 10.

11.  Fold all four corners in.  Refer to fig 11.

12.  Fold left and right sides in.  Refer to fig 12.

13.  The back of your doll should look like fig 13.  Flip image over and you’re done.

Origami Kokeshi Doll 2You can make your doll stand up if you pull the back flaps out a little.  It takes a little finessing to get it to balance.

It’s a Bird…It’s a plane… It’s a Super Valentine!

Superhero Valentine 3Before anyone starts freaking out, let me just say I’m not ripping off someone else’s post. I’m actually ripping off my own post.  I even went as far as re-using the title *gasp*.  Back in 2011 I created this superhero Valentine printable which you may have seen on my other blog.  As I mentioned before, I’m slowly bringing some of my favorite posts over to this new site.

Superhero Valentine 5Click here for Superhero Valentine Template


Superhero Valentine template printed on cardstock


Pinking Shears

Hole punch



Superhero Valentine 6

1. Cut out all pieces from template.

2.  Cut bottom of capes with pinking shears.

3.  Sign name on back of capes.

4.  Punch a hole at the top of the cape.  Slip the cape over the stick and wrapper.  It should stay in place on its own without any tape.

Superhero Valentine 25. Tape eye masks to lollipops (refer to photo).  Done.

Metallic Origami Rings

origami ringsWhen I think of the holidays, bold sparkly jewelry comes to mind.  That reminded me of these metallic origami rings I made a few years ago.  What makes these rings stand out is the choice of paper.  I used a metallic ombre crepe paper to fold them.  The thickness of the crepe paper creates a sturdy structure.  It also makes it easy to work with since the paper bends easily (also forgiving if you make a mistake).  If you don’t have crepe paper, any other paper will do.


10 x 10cm square paper



origami ring directionsClick here for PDF version of the directions.  Or click on the directions to enlarge the image.

Step 7 is the trickiest part of the ring.  You’re basically creating a balloon base in steps 7 – 9.

origami rings 2

Craft: Washi Tape Frame Cards

washi tape kid card craft 2I always like to have a few extra cards on hand for birthdays, thank-you, etc. That way they’re ready to go if I have any last minute special occasions to celebrate. It also saves me an extra trip to the store which is always a good thing. One way I keep my cards well stocked is by making them. And these washi tape frame cards are perfect for just that. They’re quick to make and easy to alter for different celebrations.


Art work –  clippings of postcards, cards, magazines, etc.

White card stock

Glue dots or glue

Washi tape in coordinating colors


washi tape kid card craft 31.  Center image to card stock and adhere with glue dots.

2.  Place tape around image to make frame.  I found it was easier to overlap all the tape so it made a (#) shape.  Then I just trimmed off the excess tape.

3.  Depending on the size of the image, add a second frame to overlap the first.

washi tape kid card craft 5Experiment with different shape frames. And if you don’t like how it looks, you can pull the tape off and reposition it. That’s one of the many great things about washi tape.

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