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Japanese Craft Book: Rosette, Brooch, Corsage

Japanese rosette craft book

Rosette, Brooch, Corsage ISBN978-4-8347-3754-7

Over the weekend we took a trip out to the Mitsuwa Marketplace which means three things:  grocery shopping, ramen for lunch, and browsing the Japanese book store (Kinokuniya). During my visit I purchased the book Rosette, Brooch, Corsage.  Below are a few of my favorite projects from the book.

We also attended an adorable Totoro themed birthday party for my niece.  My aunt Susan made an amazing Totoro cake for the party which you can see here.

Japanese rosette craft book 2cloud brooches

Japanese rosette craft book 3Flower pins

Japanese rosette craft book 4leaf corsage

Japanese rosette craft book 5brooches with rhinestone details

Motion Silhouette: A book illustrated with shadows

motion silhouette bookThere are so many reasons I’m fond of the book Motion Silhouette: the paper cuttings, the shadow illustrations, the ability for the reader to manipulate the images.  Everything about it is absolutely magical.  The authors who dreamed up Motion Silhouette are Megumi Kajiwara and Tatsuhiko Niijima.  The storybook is designed with paper silhouettes that create shadow illustrations on the pages via a light source.  Take a look at the video below to see how the book works.

motion silhouette book 2If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of this book, you can email the author for more information.  You’ll find all the information on the “about” page.  To see more pictures from the book, visit the Motion Silhouette site.

via Spoon and Tamago

Japanese Craft Book: Paper Play

Japanese paper craft bookI have another Japanese craft book to share with you today, Paper Play.  I picked this up at the SF Kinokuniya bookstore when I purchased the Illustrator book. This book is filled with beautiful DIY cut paper projects.  The author’s choice of printed/textured paper is what makes these basic figures take on a new level of depth and richness.

* Japanese Craft Book Tip – Most Japanese books open from left to right.  The books are read top to bottom, right to left.

Japanese paper craft book 2These flowers would be pretty for Easter or Mother’s Day cards.

Japanese paper craft book 5 Pretty little cups

Japanese paper craft book 4In the book, washi paper, origami paper and mulberry paper is used to make the images.

Japanese paper craft book 3Embroidery thread holders, buttons and pencils

If you’re interested in this book, the ISBN# is 978-4-579-21165-4

I hope these images bring a little inspiration your way.

Say It with Cats

Happy Cats“Happy”

You know why I love the internet?  Three words, Cat – Font – Generator. There’s a site dedicated to generating text with cats called Neko Font.  On the site you can create text in upper and lower case along with various sizes.  You also can download the image for your own personal use.  Click here, to try it out.

Neko Font Craft bookThere’s also a neko font book. It appears to be a craft book but I can’t confirm that for sure.

Japanese Craft Book: Illustrator

Japanese Craft Book Illustrator 580

Guess what I discovered at the Japanese Kinokuniya bookstore?  An illustration section!  I’m sure it has been there all along.  I was just too occupied by the craft books to notice, go figure.  One personal favorite from the illustration shelf was this illustrator book.   It’s filled with how-to tiny illustrations of everyday objects along with holiday specific drawings.  Take a look inside…

Japanese Craft Book 2Some of my favorite drawings in the book are the craft/sewing supplies.  If you’re familiar with Japanese craft books, often the directions are written alongside cute little pictures just like these.  I thought these might come in handy if I wanted to make a tutorial with sketches instead of photos.

Japanese Crft Book Illustrator 6People and accessories

Japanese Craft Book 3

I like that the illustrations are simple and easy to recreate.  Even my children can draw them.

Japanese Craft Book 5 Illustrator 580

Valentine’s Day

Since I know these books are a little harder to track down, here’s the ISBN #  978-4-7804-1217-8.  The SF Kinokuniya bookstore can special order books for you with the ISBN# or title.  I’ve also seen this book sold on Etsy.

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