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Printable: Origami Frankenstein Doll

Printable Frankenstein Origami DollToday’s printable is an origami Frankenstein.  And for the Mary Shelley fans, today’s printable is an origami Adam.  This Frankenstein monster was created to fold up the same way as the origami kokeshi doll.  This doll can stand on its own and be used for a decoration, bookmark, etc.

Printable Frankenstein Origami Doll 2Click here for the origami Frankenstein printable.

Kokeshi doll origami instructions

Frankenstein Origami Directions

1.  Start with print side facing down.

2.  Fold edges to the center of the paper. Flip paper over.

3.  Using the bottom of the white rectangle as a guide, fold the paper down (refer to fig. 3).

4.  Your paper should look something like fig. 4.  Fold the paper up using the bottom of the white rectangle as your guide.

5.  You should now be able to see just the face and body (no white).  Refer to fig 5.  Flip paper over.

6.  Fold flaps in and unfold.  Refer to fig 6.

7.  Begin to fold flap over to the right.  Refer to fig 7.

8.  Continue to fold until the flap meets at the center.  Refer to fig 8.

9.  Your paper should now look like fig 9.

10.  Repeat on right side.  Refer to fig 10.

11.  Skip step 11

12.  Fold left and right sides in.  Refer to fig 12.

13.  The back of your doll should look like fig 13 minus the corners folded in from step 11.  Flip the image over and you’re done.

Curious, what do you refer to the monster as: Frankenstein, Adam, or Frankenstein’s monster?

Printable: Halloween Origami Paper

Halloween Origami PaperNow that it’s October, I figure a Halloween printable is in order.  For this origami print, I made the witches on the kawaii (cute) side.  This print is perfect for folding containers to store treats.  You can also use this printable for Halloween cards and digital scrapbooking.

Click here for the printable Halloween Origami Paper.


Punky Brewster Halloween Costume

Punky Brewster Costume

Did any of you secretly want to dress like Punky Brewster as a child? I know I did but never had the courage to pull it off.  Now fast forward 20+ years and I have my chance, Halloween! The picture above was snapped by my daughter. It was right before we were leaving to go to her school’s Halloween Carnival. To be honest, none of the kids knew who I was (as I expected).  But a few of the parents got it and I had fun putting the costume together.

If you’re looking for a last-minute costume, this is pretty easy to put together.  This costume is also comfortable and warm with all the layers. Perfect if you’re going out trick-or-treating with kids in the cold.  Directions Below:

What you will need:

Punky Brewster hair clipsSun Hair Clips – The hardest thing to find for this costume is the sun hair clips.  Here’s how to make them. Print out the suns (pictured above) on printable Shrinky Dink paper.  Cut them out, shrink them down and hot glue them on earring clips.  Put your hair in a pigtail and attach the clips. If you want, you can skip this step and just use some yellow hair ties.

Click Here for the Sun Hair Clip PDF

Red Heart Pin – I painted a wood heart I got from the craft store red with white trim.  Then I hot glued a pin back to it.  You could also fin a heart pin or any other colorful pins at the thrift store.  Punky also wore an ice cream cone and parrot pin on her vest.

Key On Yellow String – You can’t really see it in the picture but I’m wearing a key around my neck.  I believe Punky wore a skate key but any key will work.

Purple Vest – Purchase at the thrift store, try the kid’s clothing section as well

Long Sleeve Red Shirt – Purchase at the thrift store

Baby Blue Short Sleeve Sweat Shirt – What you want to look for at the thrift store is a blue or grey sweat shirt.  After you’ve washed it, cut the sleeves short.  Pull each arm sleeve on the sides of the sleeves so the fabric curls up.

Red Bandana – This usually can be found at the craft store or dollar store.

Blue Jeans – Use what you have in your closet.

Striped Socks – I purchased the socks at Target.  I think they were $3.

Mismatched Shoes –  Use what you have in your closet.

Punky Brewster Costume 2And that’s it.  If you want to get into character, say things like: Punky Power!, Holy Macanoli!, Grossaroo

DIY Candy Corn Pom Poms

DIY Candy Corn Pom Poms 2For the past few weeks I have been plugging away at a large pom pom project. I decided to take a break from it so what did I do?  I made more pom poms.   I now that doesn’t make any sense but when I’m deep into a project I start thinking of all these spin off ideas.  And one of those ideas was candy corn pom poms. So today I thought I would share how I made them with all of you.

Project level: Intermediate – knowledge of how to make a basic pom pom


Pom pom maker

Yarn – in colors yellow, orange and white


DIY Candy Corn Pom Poms 3

Pom Pom Maker – 3 1/2in diameter

For this project I used a pom pom maker .  For more complicated pom poms, the old wind yarn around your fingers metod doesn’t really work. If you don’t have a fancy pom pom maker, you can easily make one out of cardboard. Click here for directions.

DIY Candy Corn Pom Pom 41.  Wrap each half circle, with yellow, orange and white yarn. Make sure your half circles line up with the white and yellow yarn touching.  For each section (six total) I wrapped four layers of yarn around the semi-circle.

2.  With scissors, cut in between the two circles.  Wrap a piece of 12in yarn around the center of the circles securing all the yarn with a knot.

DIY Candy Corn Pom Poms 53.  Your pom pom should look something like the picture on the left.  You may have to move the yarn around a little, so all three stripes line up.  If this is the case, just push the yellow and white yarn away from the center (refer to circle in left picture).  Then push the orange yarn together to fill the gap.

4. Once this is done, your pom pom should look like the picture on the right.

DIY Candy Corn Pom Poms 65. Now you’re going to start trimming your pom pom into a shape of  a candy corn.  Refer to the picture on the left.

6.  Trim the top and back of the pom pom to make it flat.  Refer to the right picture.

DIY candy corn pom poms 77.  Keep trimming all sides and your pom pom will begin to take its shape.  It will be about half the size of your pom pom when you’re finished.

Pom pom tip – you can pull a few pieces of yarn out of a pom pom.  This can help with making your color sections more sharp.  Just don’t pull out too many pieces or your pom pom will fall apart.

DIY Candy Corn Pom Poms

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