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DIY Origami Box with a Printable

Printable Origami Box 6Today’s craft project is actually two tutorials rolled into one.  First, I’m going to show you how to print directly on origami paper with an inkjet printer.  I even made a few templates for you to use.  Second, I’ll be sharing directions on how to fold a basic origami box.  Lets get started.

Printable Origami Box 5

How to Print on Origami Paper


Template (click here and print on white card stock)

Bow Template (click here)

Class of 2015 Template (click here)

6in x 6in  origami paper

Washi Tape


Printable Origami Box

1.  Take four strips of origami tape and place them on a blank piece of cardstock. Now, slowly peel them off. This is going to lessen the strength of the tape, that way it will not ruin the origami paper.

2. Tape down a piece of origami paper in the square template.  Make sure none of the tape is peeling up or wrinkled.  You don’t want to jam your printer.

3.  Place paper in printer and choose one of the templates to print (bow or class of 2015).  Make sure you feed the paper into the printer the same way you did with the first template so it prints in the same place.

Printable Origami Box 2

4.  Wait for the ink to dry.  Carefully pull off tape.  You’re now ready to fold a box.

Other options

*Use your own pictures and sayings to print.  Make a basic 6in square template like I did.  Copy that template and add an image to it.

* You could also print one of the templates on colored paper and cut out the square.

How To Fold an Origami Box

Printable Origami Box 3

Origami Box Directions

1.  Fold paper in half, unfold (refer to dotted lines).

2.  Fold all corners to the center of the paper (refer to dotted lines).

3.  Your paper should now look like this.  Turn 90 degrees.

4. Fold both sides to center, unfold.

5. Fold the top and bottom of paper to center, unfold.

6. Unfold left and right sides.

7.  Fold the top and bottom of the paper to the center.

8.  Fold according to dotted lines.

9.  Fold according to dotted lines.

10.  Fold top and bottom flap up at 90 degrees.  You will begin to see the box forming.

11.  Fold right and left flaps up and over to create the box.  Refer to dotted lines.

12. Done.

Printable Origami Box 4Use these origami boxes for favors, gifts, and more.

Heart Embellished Twist Ties

Heart Twist Ties 4Need a last-minute idea to package up your Valentine treats?  May I suggest some cellophane bags with heart embellished twist ties.  They are super easy and quick to make.  I’m talking “less than a minute to make” quick.  Sadly, I can’t say the same thing about the cookies.

Heart Twist TiesSupplies:

Heart Stickers

Twist Ties – I purchased the polka dot twist ties at Daiso

Cellophane Bags

Heart Twist Ties 21.  Place a heart sticker at each end of the twist tie.  The sticky side is facing up in the top image.

2.  Place a heart sticker on top of each heart (adhesive sides together).

Heart Twist Ties 53. Fill up a cellophane bag with some treats and secure the bag with a twist tie.

You could make these with other stickers as well.  You just want and make sure the stickers are symmetrical so they  line up back-to-back.

Printable Christmas Gift Tags

printable Christmas gift tagsTo keep the gift tag theme going, I’m sharing a few printables that caught my eye this week.

1.  Sophie the Deer by Creature Comforts – there’s also a sweet bear illustration along with various color coordinated gift tags.

2.  Wandering Camel Gift Tag by Wild Olive – The blanket opens up to reveal a message!

3.  Toucan Tags by Eat Drink Chic – I like the unexpected animal choice for this tag.

4.  Sweater Print Tags by The Caroline Johansson – there are 9 different tags to choose from

DIY Washi Tape Gift Wrap Bow

washi tape gift wrap bowI have dubbed the month of May “gift month” since we celebrate so many birthdays/holidays.  Our extended family gets together on one day and exchanges gifts for three birthdays, Mother’s Day, Boy’s Day, and Girl’s Day.  It’s a little crazy and can feel like a second Christmas.  So, for the past few weeks I’ve been in gift wrapping mode.  I decided to try something a little different and make some washi tape bows.  I especially like the bows with prints.



White tissue paper


Washi tape – three 8in strips, three 6 1/2in strips and one 3 1/2in strip


Glue Dots

washi tape gift wrap bow1.  Cut a piece of tissue paper that is 7 inches in height.  It doesn’t matter how wide it is.  Lay three pieces of 8 in tape across the tissue paper.  Leave about a half-inch hanging off each side of the tissue paper.   Cut the excess tissue paper away (refer to dotted lines.

washi tape gift wrap bow 22.  Your strips should now look like this with the print side facing down.  The tissue paper is important because it keeps the bow from sticking to itself, once assembled.

* Repeat steps 1 and 2 for all the strips of tape listed in the supplies section.  For the 6 1/2in strips, use tissue paper with a height of 5 1/2in.  For the 3 1/2 inch tape strip, use a tissue paper with a height of 2 1/2in.

washi tape gift wrap bow 33.  Find the half way point of the tape strip.  Make a loop and place the end of the tape at that half way point (refer to fig 3).  You will not need any glue since the ends of the tape strips are sticky.

4.  With the other end of the tape, make a second loop to make a figure eight shape.  Refer to fig 4.

washi tape gift wrap bow 45.  Continue to make the same figure eight shapes for the rest of the 8in and 6 1/2in strips of tape.  For the 3 1/2in piece of  tape, make a simple loop.

6.  Now you’re going to start assembling the bow.  Stack all the 8in pieces together to make a star shape.  Staple together in the center.  Repeat the process for the 6in pieces.

washi tape gift wrap bow 27.  Stack the smaller star on top of the larger star shape.  Adhere with glue dots.  Last, tape the loop to the center with the same washi tape you’ve been using.

Mix and match different colors and prints to achieve different looks.  Use the bows to decorate gift boxes, gift bags and anything else you wish to make a little more festive.

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