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Printable: Origami Chopstick Holder

printable origami paper for chopstick holdersHave you ever heard someone say, “Itadakimasa” right before they start to eat?  It basically means “let’s eat” in Japanese. It’s comparable to saying, “bon appetit” or “thanks for the food”. With that in mind, I chose to incorporate it into the chopstick holders.  I like that it gives the chopstick cases a bold and contemporary look.

For the origami paper printable, click here.  Print on colored copy paper.  I didn’t add color to the printable so it would use less ink.  Directions to fold the chopstick holders below.
Origami Chopstick Holder Instructionsprintable origami paper for chopstick holders 2

DIY Sleepover Birthday Invitations

sleepover party invitationsI’m in the process of planning my daughter’s first sleepover birthday party.  And my main concern isn’t the decorations or the food but if I will get any sleep?!  When my mother talks about my first sleepover, she always reminds me that it was hard to get everyone to go to bed.  My memories are a little different.  I remember I wore a pair of old-fashioned striped footed pajamas.  Not only did my mom rent a movie for the occasion but she also rented the VCR.  Yes, there was a time when people rented VCR’s.  My friend Jillian gave me the book, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  And last, I remember that one of the favors was a purple wonder woman shaped soap. Kind of random, I know.

Anyhow, you’re probably interested in the invitations I’ve got pictured above.  On my search for inspiration, I came across a lot of cute invitations.  Pictured above were a few of my favorites.  I actually used the cute “sleeping girl invitation” for my daughter’s invites.  Links below.

1. Sleep Mask Invitation by FunkyTime – free printable

2. Miss Sleepy Invitation by Ginger & George – free printable

3. Cereal Box Invitation by Heidi Kenney – free printable

4. Makeup Compact Invitation by Mouse House – DIY directions

Okay, just one last thing.  Does anyone have any tips for throwing a sleepover party?  Your advice would be much appreciated.

Gift Wrap with Origami Letters

DIY Gift Wrap with Origami Letters Here’s another crafty idea using origami letters, gift wrap toppers.  They add a nice decorative element to packages and double as name tags.  I used different shades of blue origami paper to achieve an ombre effect.  Try mixing different colors/prints of paper and letters to create your own unique look.

For this project I used 3in by 3in origami paper to make the letters.  The instructions for the origami letters can be found here (scroll down after the jump).

DIY Gift Wrap with Origami Letters 2

If you liked this project, you might also like this Origami Mother’s Day Card.

Folded Bunny Napkins with Washi Tape

Origami Bunny Napkin for EasterWith just a little well placed washi tape, you can transform just about anything.  In this case I decided to freshen up and add a pop of color to the traditional bunny folded napkin.  The other benefit of adding the washi tape is that it makes the bunny shape more apparent.  I found some really good illustrated directions for the bunny napkin, here (scroll down for directions after the jump).

If you’re wondering, the tape doesn’t get in the way of using the napkin.  When you unfold the napkin, the tape will end up on the sides of the napkin.  After use, remove the tape before washing.

*Entertaining tip – If you can, start folding these bunnies now and have them all ready to go the night before.  Set your table the night before Easter so you will have one less thing to do.  This will give you more time to focus on the food and you guests.



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