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Cute Sticker Flakes

kawaii sticker flakes 2Snow Globes & Animals by Amifa

Have you checked out the latest designs for stickers lately?  The other day I was doing just that and was taken aback by all the unique and detailed images.  There were a couple of brands that really stood out to me and I thought you might like them too.

Pictured above are stickers form Amifa.  They are also called “sticker flakes” or “seals”.  This just means they come as separate pieces and not on one sheet.  What makes these stickers special is they’re designed to overlap.  The snow globes are clear and you place them over the animal stickers.

kawaii sticker flakes 4Here’s another set of Amifa stickers.  I found these for sale on My Risu.  They’re little sticker frames designed to place over pictures or art.  The picture with the cat demonstrates this.

kawaii sticker flakes 3These clear little bottle stickers are made by Mind Wave.  The top picture shows the full assortment of bottle stickers and the picture below it gives you a better idea of what they look like up close.  As you can see they’re transparent which means you can place them over drawings and pictures.  These would be great for art journaling.

kawaii sticker flakesAny boba tea fans out there?  If so, these cute little stickers by Beagle Cakes are just for you.  They’re illustrated by Maggie who is the owner of Beagle Cakes.

What are your favorite sticker brands?  Please share in the comments.

Make It Vintage Magazine

Make it Vintage MagazineHave you ever heard of the magazine Make it Vintage?  I just recently learned about the publication.  I was told Fun With Washi was going to be featured in the magazine so naturally I was curious about it. I figured next time I was at the bookstore I would look for it.  But it just so happened when I was grocery shopping today, I stumbled across the magazine.  So here I am with my little discovery and I must say it’s quite lovely.

Below are few pictures from the spring 2015 issue.

Make it Vintage Magazine 2Fun With Washi Feature :)

Make it Vintage Magazine 3I really liked this re-upholstered chair project.  I also like the idea of the faux fireplace.  It would be fun for a kid’s room.

Make it Vintage Magazine 4I noticed throughout the magazine there were a lot of washi tape details.  There wasn’t any specific projects but there were a lot of creative and inspiring ideas.

Do you have a favorite craft/design magazine?  Please share in the comments.

Don’t Eat The Photo Props

Don't Eat The Photo Props PosterThis post is for all bloggers (or photographers) who struggle with their family and friends eating the photo props. There have been numerous times when I’ve had to remind my family not to eat the photo props. Just the other day this conversation happened:

Husband:  Are you using those jolly rancher gummies for anything? (note: they’re sitting in a pile of washi tape)

Me:  Yes, they’re for a post.

Husband: Oh, because I had a few already.

Me:  Don’t eat any more! I don’t know what the ratio of X’s to O’s are in there. (yes, I really said that)

So I decided to do something I should have done years ago, make a sign.  And if you need a sign in your life like this, click here for the PDF.

Creating with The 3Doodler

3doodler art gobletGoblet and Vase made by David Roehl with a 3Doodler

Have you heard of the 3Doodler before?   It’s a pen that allows you to draw in 3-D.  The pen heats plastic filament and as you draw it cools.  In a lot of ways it reminds me of a glue gun but in pen form.  Just like a glue gun, the filament will trail off and make tails sometimes.


About a year ago I gave one to my brother for Christmas.  Recently he started making more things with it and I thought some of you might be interested in learning about it.  Plus, it turns out that Wobble Works (creator of the 3Doodler) just came out with the 3Doodler 2.0 that they’re funding on Kickstarter.  The new version is smaller, quieter, and easier to use.

3doodler art ballBall by David Roehl

With any craft medium, there’s a learning curve.  The 3Doodler takes some time to get used to.  I’m still trying to master it.  I’ve discovered that it’s difficult to make items that look refined with the pen.

3doodler art chickenChicken & Egg by David Roehl

One of the benefits of the pen is that it’s easy to encase an item within another item.  I’m not sure if you can tell but the egg is suspended inside the chicken.  With other art mediums, making something like this would be more difficult to do.

Have you tried out the 3Doodler?  How do you like it?  What would you make with it?

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