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DIY Washi Tape Spider Web

washi tape spider web wall artSince we moved into our new house, I haven’t had a chance to decorate the living room. So, I decided to use that to my advantage and make the wall my personal canvas.  Good plan, right?  I got out my favorite craft medium (washi tape) and created this oversized spider web. The web was easy to make, it just took a little time cutting/applying all the tape (about 45 minutes).  If you want to try something like this on your wall, I’ve provided simple directions below.


Regular width size roll of black washi tape – I used almost the entire roll for this project

Thin width roll of black washi tape – I used the whole roll for this project

Washi Tape Spider Web Directions

washi tape spider web wall art 21.  With regular sized washi tape, place five strips on the wall to make a star shape.

2.  With thin washi tape, place one piece in the wedge (refer to fig 2).

3.  Add a second piece of tape (refer to fig. 3).

4.  Repeat steps 2 and 3 to fill in all the wedges.  Continue to do this, making a larger ring outside of each ring until the web is complete.

*Washi tape is low tack and should come off your walls easily without ruining the paint.

Two Online Magazines that will Inspire

Sweet Paul MagazinePhoto Credit: Susanna Blavarg

In case you missed it, the summer issue of Sweet Paul Magazine is out.  And lucky for us, you can access the entire magazine for free, here.  Pictured above is one of my favorite projects from the magazine, paper lanterns by Lova Blavarg.  Besides crafts, you also find recipes, decorations tips, and much more.

MOYO MagazineMOYO Magazine

I recently just discovered MOYO Magazine and I’m really excited about it.  The online magazine is dedicated to surface pattern design.  So if you ever wondered how to break into the pattern design business, this is the magazine for you.  You can access the online magazine for free, here.

Do you have a favorite creative online magazine?  Please share.

Practical Washi Tape Storage

washi tape storageI have a confession to make, currently all my washi tape is stored in a baby Gap gift box and a leftover manju container.  Not what you expected?  Me either.   It keeps the tape tidy but it’s not exactly practical or pretty. That lead me to look into alternative storage ideas.  Pictured above are a few workable solutions (links below).

1.  Animal Tape Dispenser –  If you have a small amount of tape you want to show off, this is a good way to go.  It’s easy to see and use at the same time.

2.  Washi Tape Caddy – This is my favorite storage unit for functionality.  It holds 12+ rolls that you can see and use. If it was stackable, it would be perfect.

3.  DIY Washi Tape Organizer – I like that you could make this dispenser with just a couple of easy to find supplies.

4.   Antique Style Wood Dispenser – This dispenser is great for smaller spaces since the boxes can be stacked.  It takes up little space but you can still see the tape.

Curious, what’s the strangest thing you’ve stored your craft supplies in?

Craft Trend: Pineapples

pineapple craft trendWho knew pineapples would be the next trend in the craft community?  For a while it was mustaches followed by arrows and gemstones.  Now I’m seeing a plethora of pineapple crafts coming through my Pinterest and Craftgawker feed. Pictured above are a few DIY projects that caught my attention.  I’m especially looking forward to making #3.

1. Origami Pineapple Straws by Sugar and Charm

2. Washi Tape Pineapple Stickers by Omiyage Blogs

3. Vintage Pineapple Trays by Maize Hutton

4. Origami Plant Pot Cover by Madame Citron

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