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Japanese Craft Book: Rose Window

Japanese Craft Book Rose WindowRose Window by Asako Hirata

As I was browsing the Japanese craft book section, I noticed a new trend. Or at least, it’s a new trend to me. There were quite a few craft books for faux stained glass.  The fuax stained glass in all the books was made from cut tissue paper.  But what really grabbed my attention was the book Rose Window which layered the tissue paper.  The result of this technique is absolutely stunning.
Japanese Craft Book Rose Window 5Here’s a photo from the book to give you an idea on how these faux rose windows are created.  I’m still trying to find out where I can purchase the wood frames to make them. If I can’t purchase them, I’ll probably make my own or use an embroidery hoop.

Below are a few more pictures of projects from Rose Window.

Japanese Craft Book Rose Window 2

Japanese Craft Book Rose Window 3

Japanese Craft Book Rose Window 6Usually I have a hard time finding Japanese Craft Books online but I was able to find this one on Amazon.  I purchased my book at Kinokuniya.

Craft Book Review: Just add Watercolor

Just add Watercolor

Just add Watecolor by Helen Birch

I’ve always wondered how artists achieve certain looks with watercolor.  I’ve only used the medium in its traditional form.  I’ve never ventured out with trying different techniques and styles.  Therefore, I was very interested in reading Helen Birch’s book, Just add Watercolor.  The book is filled with 96 illustrations from contemporary watercolor artists.  Just add Watercolor was created to inspire and share useful techniques and tips.

Just add Watercolor 5

Just add Watercolor is broken down by paintings: Traditional watercolor, Gouache, Digital, Mixed media, Other water-based media and Non-paper media.  The book is formatted with one page sharing the technique used to create the illustration along with a description on how the image was created.  The text also includes details such as: what paper the artist used, paints, brushes, techniques, styles, etc. You also get a “Tip” for each illustration.

I should add, this book is not a step-by-step tutorial watercolor book.

Just add Watercolor 6In the beginning of the book you’ll find thumbnails for all 96 illustrations along with the page number it coordinates with.

Below are a few images from Just add Watercolor:

Just add Watercolor 3 Digital Illustration by Helen Dealtry

Just add Watercolor 4

Mixed media Illustration by Jule Van Wezemael

Just add Watercolor 2Other water-based media illustration by Hatsuki Miyahara

In Just add Watercolor, Helen has curated a lovely collection of contemporary watercolor illustrations.  Hopefully you got a sense of this from the images I shared.  Overall, I think this is a good book for technique reference and inspiration.   To learn more about Just add Watercolor, please visit Penquin Random House.

I received Just add Watercolor from Blogging for Books for this review.  I specifically requested this book to review.

Craft Book: Eline’s Dollhouse

DIY Miniature dollhouse bookOnce in a while I’ll come across a truly inspiring craft book. Such is the case with Eline Pellinkhof’s book “Eline’s Dollhouse: with more than 90 mini-home decorations you can make yourself”. This book is written in Dutch. There are no pictures or illustrations for making the projects. However, for me it’s more for inspiration than anything else. If I really need the directions for a project, there’s always Google Translate.

The concept of a dollhouse miniature craft book isn’t new. However, a bright, contemporary, cottage style house is. Plus, the styling for the rooms is gorgeous.  I could talk about it all day but it’s best if I just show you.

DIY miniature dollhouse book 2Lets start with the sewing room.  Look at that tiny cork board and the vases have crocheted covers.

DIY miniature dollhouse book…and a sewing room wouldn’t be complete without a fabric stash.  Am I the only one loving this?!

DIY miniature dollhouse book 3Here’s the bedroom.  The hanging fabric lampshade is one of my favorite things about this room.  The lampshade is also one of 90 projects in the book.

DIY miniature dollhouse book 4I like the black and white checker tiles for the kitchen.  It’s hard to see, but on the left, there’s a chandelier hanging from the ceiling with trimmed birthday candles.

There’s so much more to see in this book but I couldn’t photograph it all.  To learn more Eline’s Dollhouse and the author, click here.

I noticed in the book there are some tiny colored pencils.  That reminded me of a post I wrote long ago on how to make miniature pencils .  I’ll be sharing that tutorial again here this Friday so please come back and check it out. 

Sewing Book: Sew-licious Little Things

Sew-licious Little ThingsSew-licious Little Things: 35 zakka sewing projects to make life more beautiful by Kate Haxell

I have a sewing book to share with you today, Sew-licious Little Things. But it’s not just any sewing book, it’s a zakka style sewing book! Zakka is the Japanese term for “many things” but is also considered a craft genre in itself. Plus, many of you know I’m a big fan of the zakka aesthetic.

Sew-licious LIttle things includes 35 zakka sewing projects. The book is broken up into chapters: For carrying my stuff, To keep my stuff cozy, To make gorgeous things, and To chill. The book is good for intermediate level.  Just from looking at the projects, I would say you need some basic knowledge of sewing. That said, a lot of the projects are simple to make. Included in the directions are step-by-step illustrations. There’s also templates in the back of the book for the sewing projects (some are full-sized and some need to be enlarged).

Below are a few of my favorite projects from Sew-licious Little Things.

Sew-licious Little Things 4Java Jacket

Sew-licious Little Things 3Tied Up Bag

Sew-licious Little Things 2Pocket Pouch – I need to make on of these for my tote bag.

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