Book Review: Japanese Woodblock Print Workshop

Japanese Woodblock Print WorkshopJapanese Woodblock Print Workshop( A Modern Guide to the Ancient Art of Mokuhanga) by April Vollmer

Between my love for Japanese aesthetics and the arts, April Vollmer’s book Japanese Woodblock Print Workshop immediately caught my eye.  I was first drawn in by the bright print that’s on the cover of the book (one of April’s prints).  But when I opened the book, I was really taken away by the passion and respect April has for the art of Japanese Woodblock printing (mokuhanga).  This book took three year’s in the making and is truly a labor of love.

Japanese Woodblock Print Workshop (JWPW) is an all-encompassing guide about mokuhanga.  In it you will find everything from the history of mokuhanga to a step by step outline of how a print is made.  This book is highly detailed and technical.  I would recommend it for experienced printmakers who want to expand their knowledge on the subject of mokuhanga.

Japanese Woodblock Book 6Suzuki Harunobu (1725 -1770) Eyogami(calendar print): Show-Woman with a Monkey

The first chapter of the JWPW is  “history and significance”.  Along side it are examples of prints such as the wood block print above.

Japanese Woodblock Book2This is just one of many pictures you will find in the “Tools and Materials” chapter.  There are also instructions for using the tools.

Japanese Woodblock Book 3Here’s an example of what some of the step by step instructions look like.  Pictured above are the last steps for re-covering the baren.

Japanese Woodblock Book 4“A professional papermaker keeps fibers in suspension by keeping the slurry in motion as the water drains for the sugeta.”

There’s an entire chapter focused on washi (Japanese handmade paper)!

Japanese Woodblock Book 5The Dive by Henrik Hey

One chapter is dedicated to contemporary artists using mokuhanga.  This chapter is very inspirational to look through with all the unique prints.

Japanese Woodblock Book

Zova #6 (blue) by April Vollmer.

To learn more about Japanese Woodblock Print Workshop, please visit April’s site.

I received Japanese Woodblock Print Workshop from Blogging for Books for this review.

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