Punky Brewster Halloween Costume

Punky Brewster Costume

Did any of you secretly want to dress like Punky Brewster as a child? I know I did but never had the courage to pull it off.  Now fast forward 20+ years and I have my chance, Halloween! The picture above was snapped by my daughter. It was right before we were leaving to go to her school’s Halloween Carnival. To be honest, none of the kids knew who I was (as I expected).  But a few of the parents got it and I had fun putting the costume together.

If you’re looking for a last-minute costume, this is pretty easy to put together.  This costume is also comfortable and warm with all the layers. Perfect if you’re going out trick-or-treating with kids in the cold.  Directions Below:

What you will need:

Punky Brewster hair clipsSun Hair Clips – The hardest thing to find for this costume is the sun hair clips.  Here’s how to make them. Print out the suns (pictured above) on printable Shrinky Dink paper.  Cut them out, shrink them down and hot glue them on earring clips.  Put your hair in a pigtail and attach the clips. If you want, you can skip this step and just use some yellow hair ties.

Click Here for the Sun Hair Clip PDF

Red Heart Pin – I painted a wood heart I got from the craft store red with white trim.  Then I hot glued a pin back to it.  You could also fin a heart pin or any other colorful pins at the thrift store.  Punky also wore an ice cream cone and parrot pin on her vest.

Key On Yellow String – You can’t really see it in the picture but I’m wearing a key around my neck.  I believe Punky wore a skate key but any key will work.

Purple Vest – Purchase at the thrift store, try the kid’s clothing section as well

Long Sleeve Red Shirt – Purchase at the thrift store

Baby Blue Short Sleeve Sweat Shirt – What you want to look for at the thrift store is a blue or grey sweat shirt.  After you’ve washed it, cut the sleeves short.  Pull each arm sleeve on the sides of the sleeves so the fabric curls up.

Red Bandana – This usually can be found at the craft store or dollar store.

Blue Jeans – Use what you have in your closet.

Striped Socks – I purchased the socks at Target.  I think they were $3.

Mismatched Shoes –  Use what you have in your closet.

Punky Brewster Costume 2And that’s it.  If you want to get into character, say things like: Punky Power!, Holy Macanoli!, Grossaroo

Giveaway: Viddy Camera

viddy cameraToday I have a giveaway that brings two things I love together, DIY and photography.  The giveaway prize is a Viddy do-it-yourself pinhole camera by Pop-up Pinhole Co!  Pop-up Pinhole Co was founded by designer Kelly Angood who has been designing pinhole camera’s since 2010.  The Viddy camera was developed after community feedback from the popular Videre camera (seen on Kickstarter).

viddy camera 2Here’s what the Viddy camera looks like before you assemble it.  Each Viddy is screen-printed and die-cute by hand on durable card.  The only thing else you need to construct it is a little glue for the film advance knobs.  It comes in four different colors, black, blue, green and red.

To enter, leave a comment saying what you would use this camera for. One entry per household. Please leave an email address so I can contact you if you win. The last day to enter the giveaway is Monday, November 3, 2014. I’ll announce the winner Tuesday, November 4, 2014 on this post. If I do not hear back from the winner after two weeks, I will choose a new winner.  Contest open to everyone, international friends welcome!

To learn more about the Viddy camera, click here

DIY Washi Tape Spider Web

washi tape spider web wall artSince we moved into our new house, I haven’t had a chance to decorate the living room. So, I decided to use that to my advantage and make the wall my personal canvas.  Good plan, right?  I got out my favorite craft medium (washi tape) and created this oversized spider web. The web was easy to make, it just took a little time cutting/applying all the tape (about 45 minutes).  If you want to try something like this on your wall, I’ve provided simple directions below.


Regular width size roll of black washi tape – I used almost the entire roll for this project

Thin width roll of black washi tape – I used the whole roll for this project

Washi Tape Spider Web Directions

washi tape spider web wall art 21.  With regular sized washi tape, place five strips on the wall to make a star shape.

2.  With thin washi tape, place one piece in the wedge (refer to fig 2).

3.  Add a second piece of tape (refer to fig. 3).

4.  Repeat steps 2 and 3 to fill in all the wedges.  Continue to do this, making a larger ring outside of each ring until the web is complete.

*Washi tape is low tack and should come off your walls easily without ruining the paint.

Mollie Makes Christmas Edition


Christmas CraftsHave you started crafting for Christmas?  The closest I’ve come to getting started is purchasing this Mollie Makes Christmas magazine.  And just between you and me, this might be as far as I get, *sigh*.

I found this Mollie Makes magazine at Jo-Ann Fabrics.  I always like the holiday edition craft magazines because they usually include more projects.  This edition contains 156 ideas with a lot of templates and patterns.  Below, are a few of my favorite projects.

Christmas Crafts 3Christmas Collar by Samantha Stas

Christmas Crafts 4Sweedish Dala Horse by Carina Envoldsen-Harris

Christmas Crafts 2Retro Ornaments by Samantha Stas

Christmas Crafts 5Woolly Words by Meredith Crawford

DIY Sleepover Birthday Invitations

sleepover party invitationsI’m in the process of planning my daughter’s first sleepover birthday party.  And my main concern isn’t the decorations or the food but if I will get any sleep?!  When my mother talks about my first sleepover, she always reminds me that it was hard to get everyone to go to bed.  My memories are a little different.  I remember I wore a pair of old-fashioned striped footed pajamas.  Not only did my mom rent a movie for the occasion but she also rented the VCR.  Yes, there was a time when people rented VCR’s.  My friend Jillian gave me the book, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  And last, I remember that one of the favors was a purple wonder woman shaped soap. Kind of random, I know.

Anyhow, you’re probably interested in the invitations I’ve got pictured above.  On my search for inspiration, I came across a lot of cute invitations.  Pictured above were a few of my favorites.  I actually used the cute “sleeping girl invitation” for my daughter’s invites.  Links below.

1. Sleep Mask Invitation by FunkyTime – free printable

2. Miss Sleepy Invitation by Ginger & George – free printable

3. Cereal Box Invitation by Heidi Kenney – free printable

4. Makeup Compact Invitation by Mouse House – DIY directions

Okay, just one last thing.  Does anyone have any tips for throwing a sleepover party?  Your advice would be much appreciated.

Fun With Washi by Jessica Okui
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