Motion Silhouette: A book illustrated with shadows

motion silhouette bookThere are so many reasons I’m fond of the book Motion Silhouette: the paper cuttings, the shadow illustrations, the ability for the reader to manipulate the images.  Everything about it is absolutely magical.  The authors who dreamed up Motion Silhouette are Megumi Kajiwara and Tatsuhiko Niijima.  The storybook is designed with paper silhouettes that create shadow illustrations on the pages via a light source.  Take a look at the video below to see how the book works.

motion silhouette book 2If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of this book, you can email the author for more information.  You’ll find all the information on the “about” page.  To see more pictures from the book, visit the Motion Silhouette site.

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DIY Washi Tape Camera Card

washi tape camera 2Like many of my craft projects, this card came about out of necessity.  I needed a birthday card for my brother-in-law.  Since he’s into photography, I decided to make a card with a camera image.  The camera is made out of washi tape and was designed to resemble a vintage camera.  Directions below.


Cardstock folded in half

Washi tape in black, silver, and green

Parchment paper


Standard size hole punch

Black pen – I like to use Micron pens

*Always cut washi tape on parchment paper so it doesn’t stick to your scissors.

washi tape camera 31.  Cut a piece of washi tape about the length of one inch.  Place on parchment paper.

2.  Center a thin strip of black tape on top of the green tape.  Cut off excess tape (refer to dotted lines).

3.  Your tape should now look like fig. 3.  Position this piece where you want it on your card.

4.  Cut out a small trapezoid shape in green.

5. Position the small trapezoid at the top of the camera.

washi tape camera 46.  Place a small piece of silver tape on parchment paper and punch out a circle.

7.  Peel circle off parchment paper and place it on a small piece of green tape.  Cut around the silver circle (refer to dotted lines).

8.  Place both circles on camera.

9.  Cut a small piece of silver tape into a rectangle and place it on the trapezoid piece.

10. With a pen, draw a button on the top of the camera.

washi tape cameraFor my card, I printed out the word “smile” before I added the camera but you could just leave your card blank.   This washi tape camera could also be used for scrapbooking.

Vintage Origami Book: Folding Paper Puppets

Folding Paper PuppetsFolding Paper Puppets by Lillian Oppenheimer and Shari Lewis – Published 1962

Last week I was in Oregon and had the chance to visit a couple of books stores.  Of course, I checked out Powell’s Books (the largest independent bookstore in the world).  And the other bookstore I visited was a little shop in downtown Salem called The Book Bin.  That’s where I found this gem, Folding Paper Puppets by Shari Lewis and Lillian Oppenheimer. If the name Shari Lewis sounds familiar to you, that’s because she is best known as the original puppeteer of  Lamb Chop.

Below are a few photos from the origami book that I thought you might enjoy.

Folding Paper Puppets 4

Folding Paper Puppets 2

Folding Paper Puppets 3

Monsters University Origami Paper

Monsters University Origami Paper 3I was browsing the origami section at the Kinokuniya bookstore when I came across this Monsters University origami paper.  I’ve seen origami paper specially printed to fold doughnuts or hamsters but I’ve never seen licensed Disney characters.   I decided to pick up a package and test it out (cost $3.95).

Monsters University Origami Paper 2Monsters University Origami Paper 4Pictured above is what the paper looks like.  The directions were in Japanese with illustrations making it easy to decipher.  As you can see, there’s not too much folding involved.  My one complaint is the package only comes with enough paper to make four characters.  The rest of the paper is solid colors (20 sheets).

Monsters University Origami PaperThis is the finished product.  Overall, they look cute.  I’ll probably use them to decorate a birthday package or card.

Curious, have you seen this kind of origami paper before?

Life Outside of the Blog

Japanese Tea GardensJapanese Tea Gardens

During the summer, posts on this blog become shorter and fewer.  Instead of writing up articles, I’m out and about with my kids enjoying the summer days.  If you’re curious to see what I do outside of Zakka Life, you can visit me on Instagram.  Below are few pictures I’ve posted recently.

Girl's Day CookiesCookies Auntie Susan made for Girl’s Day and Boy’s Day

Lake Chabot, CAPicnic at Lake Chabot, CA

pikolino shoesNew Shoes


Fun With Washi by Jessica Okui
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