Printable: Fig Preserves Labels

free printable fig preserves label I’ve always wanted to try making homemade canned jams.  Specifically, I wanted to make canned jams from fruit trees in my yard.  I never knew anyone that canned fruit so the whole process was new to me and a little intimidating.  I didn’t want to make a mistake and end up with canned bacteria instead (yikes!).   So, I was really focused on the sterilization and water-bath part. Maybe a little too focused.  But the jam seems to have sealed up nicely so I’m hopeful.

Pictured above are the jars of fig preserves I made.  I used this recipe if anyone is interested.  My tree is still yielding fruit so I see more homemade preserves in my future.  Along with the preserves, I made some labels to go with them.  They’re a little more contemporary in style.  PDF link below.

fig prerserve labelsClick here for the PDF

Do you make your own canned goods?  What do you like to make?  Any tips for this newbie?

Bring Nature Indoors with Wallpaper Murals

flowering shrubs wallpaperPrint Mural with Flowering Shrubs

I’ve never cared for wallpaper but over the past few years I’ve been warming up to it. Most recently, I’ve been playing around with the idea of installing a wall mural in one of our rooms.  Honestly, I don’t know if I have the guts to do it.  Usually I like to keep things neutral so I can change the decor as my style changes.  But if I were to take the wallpaper plunge, these murals would be top on my list.

birch tree wallpapwerTree Wall Panel

gold leaf wallpaperLeaf Metallic by Jocelyn Warner

butterfly wallpaperAzha by Trove

forest wallpaperPond in a Forest with Fog

I’m curious, do you like wallpaper?  Would you ever add one of these kinds of murals to your house? Please share.

Mango Mochi Recipe

Mango Mochi RecipeI can’t remember the first time I had mochi but I’m pretty sure it was love at first bite.  It’s not overly sugary but just sweet enough to satisfy a sweet tooth.  It also has this amazing chewy texture to it.  For this mochi recipe, the mango flavor is mild and delicate.

Mango Mochi Recipe

Mango Mochi Recipe 3Ingredients:

16 oz Box mochiko -  sweet rice flour (pictured above)

6 oz Box mango jello – I just used two 3 oz boxes (pictured above)

2 1/2 Cup sugar – You can add less if you want.  I’ve made this with 2 cups sugar and it was fine

12 oz Can mango nectar – If you can’t find the canned nectar, you can find the cartons in the juice section (pictured above).  You’ll just have to measure it out to 12 oz.

12 oz Water

Corn  starch – for dusting

Cooking spray

*Prepare the day before


1.  Grease and flour a 13″ x 9″ x 2″ glass pan.  Set aside. Pre-heat oven to 350.

2.  Mix mochiko, mango jello, and sugar in a bowl.

3.  Mix mango nectar and water in a separate bowl.

4.  Combine dry ingredients with wet ingredients and whisk until smooth.

5.  Pour mixture into pan and cover with foil.  Bake for 50-60 minutes.

6.  Remove from oven and wait 10-15 minutes.  Remove foil until cool.

7.  Cover mochi back up with foil and let set overnight. Do not put in fridge.

8.  Cut 1 1/2 in squares with a plastic knife.  Usually I cut off the side edges (crust) and discard them since they are harder in texture.

9.  Dust each piece with corn starch.  This makes the mochi easy to plate and pick up with your fingers.  Otherwise, the mochi would stick to your hands and the plate.

Mango Mochi Recipe 2This mochi should be consumed in about two days after it was made. Mochi changes texture quickly and will get hard after a few days. It’s also important that you do not refrigerate the mochi.  Refrigeration will ruin the texture.

Origami Business Card Holder with Washi Tape Details

washi tape origami business card holderThese business card holders combine two of my favorite things, origami and washi tape.  They’re easy to make and only require two supplies, paper and tape.  This project is great for origami beginners since the folds are all straight forward.  There’s no squash folds or anything tricky like that.


8 x 8in square piece of paper

washi tape

origami business card directions 1.  With wrong side of paper facing up, fold paper in half. Unfold.

2.  Fold left and right sides of paper to center. Unfold.

3.  Your paper should now look like figure 3 with three creases in the paper.

4.  Fold all four corners toward the center so they meet at the edge of the creases you just made.

5.  Your paper should now look like figure 5.  Fold the left and right sides of the paper inward to meet at the center.

6.  Your paper should now look like figure 6.  Turn paper over.

origami business card directions 27.  Fold paper down according to figure 7.

8.  The top of the white triangle should meet the edge of the top of the paper.  Refer to figure 8.  Now fold the bottom edge upward.

9.  You’ll want to bring it up so it just overlaps the top flap by 3/8 in.  Tuck the overlapping flaps underneath the top flap.  Refer to orange circles in figure 9.  Rotate paper 90 degrees.

10. Fold paper in half, refer to dotted lines in figure 10. Unfold.

11.  Now tuck in your business card.

washi tape origami business card holder 2Closed Business Card Holder

Now you can decorate the inside and outside of the card anyway you want.  I matched up two strips of washi tape to create a pattern.  A while back, I discovered a lot of the geometric patterned tape will make one large pattern when lined up in strips.  For example, I could have kept lining up the tape in the picture above to create one seamless print.

washi tape origami business card holder 3Here’s what the card holder looks like open.  You can leave it blank or add some more details with washi tape.

Let the Decorating Begin

antique brass bedI’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this before but our old house only had two bedrooms.  This meant that my children had to share a bedroom. Since I have one boy and one girl, it complicated things. When they were little, the room was easy to decorate. I kept it simple with no theme and tied the room together with color. But when they got older, Skylander posters began appearing on the walls and American Doll accessories began taking over the dresser. For years I longed for the day when my children could each have their own room.  And finally, that day has come!

Now that we’ve settled in, I’ve been able to focus on my daughter’s room.  Yesterday we received this antique brass bed (pictured above) for her room.  There’s still a lot to be done but I’m headed in the right direction.  Hopefully in a month or two I will have a fully decorated room to share.

Do any of you have siblings sharing a room?  How do you make it work?  I’d love to hear all your creative ideas.

Fun With Washi by Jessica Okui
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