DIY Origami Box with a Printable

Printable Origami Box 6Today’s craft project is actually two tutorials rolled into one.  First, I’m going to show you how to print directly on origami paper with an inkjet printer.  I even made a few templates for you to use.  Second, I’ll be sharing directions on how to fold a basic origami box.  Lets get started.

Printable Origami Box 5

How to Print on Origami Paper


Template (click here and print on white card stock)

Bow Template (click here)

Class of 2015 Template (click here)

6in x 6in  origami paper

Washi Tape


Printable Origami Box

1.  Take four strips of origami tape and place them on a blank piece of cardstock. Now, slowly peel them off. This is going to lessen the strength of the tape, that way it will not ruin the origami paper.

2. Tape down a piece of origami paper in the square template.  Make sure none of the tape is peeling up or wrinkled.  You don’t want to jam your printer.

3.  Place paper in printer and choose one of the templates to print (bow or class of 2015).  Make sure you feed the paper into the printer the same way you did with the first template so it prints in the same place.

Printable Origami Box 2

4.  Wait for the ink to dry.  Carefully pull off tape.  You’re now ready to fold a box.

Other options

*Use your own pictures and sayings to print.  Make a basic 6in square template like I did.  Copy that template and add an image to it.

* You could also print one of the templates on colored paper and cut out the square.

How To Fold an Origami Box

Printable Origami Box 3

Origami Box Directions

1.  Fold paper in half, unfold (refer to dotted lines).

2.  Fold all corners to the center of the paper (refer to dotted lines).

3.  Your paper should now look like this.  Turn 90 degrees.

4. Fold both sides to center, unfold.

5. Fold the top and bottom of paper to center, unfold.

6. Unfold left and right sides.

7.  Fold the top and bottom of the paper to the center.

8.  Fold according to dotted lines.

9.  Fold according to dotted lines.

10.  Fold top and bottom flap up at 90 degrees.  You will begin to see the box forming.

11.  Fold right and left flaps up and over to create the box.  Refer to dotted lines.

12. Done.

Printable Origami Box 4Use these origami boxes for favors, gifts, and more.

DIY Miniature Colored Pencils

DIY Miniature Colored Pencils 3Last Wednesday I mentioned I would be re-posting my miniature colored pencil tutorial.  It was originally posted in 2011. I can’t believe it has been that long?!  Since it has been a while, I made a new batch of mini colored pencils and took some new photos.

This is a great craft for kids and doesn’t take much time to make.  The little pencils can also be used for cards, scrapbooking, collages, etc.

DIY Miniature Colored Pencils 2Just for fun, I made some mini washi tape rolls.  I even folded a mini origami box to hold it in.  I also folded a tiny crane.  The ruler was a leftover charm from a previous craft.

DIY Miniature Colored Pencil Tutorial


Plain toothpicks



Colored markers – various colors

DIY Miniature Colored Pencils 4

Craft Tips

*Be careful when cutting the toothpick.  The other half shoots into the air if you don’t hold it.

*Sand in one direction to keep the wood from splitting.

*Have a piece of paper under your toothpick when coloring it.  Some of the marker will rub off until it dries.

DIY Miniature Colored Pencils

Craft Book: Eline’s Dollhouse

DIY Miniature dollhouse bookOnce in a while I’ll come across a truly inspiring craft book. Such is the case with Eline Pellinkhof’s book “Eline’s Dollhouse: with more than 90 mini-home decorations you can make yourself”. This book is written in Dutch. There are no pictures or illustrations for making the projects. However, for me it’s more for inspiration than anything else. If I really need the directions for a project, there’s always Google Translate.

The concept of a dollhouse miniature craft book isn’t new. However, a bright, contemporary, cottage style house is. Plus, the styling for the rooms is gorgeous.  I could talk about it all day but it’s best if I just show you.

DIY miniature dollhouse book 2Lets start with the sewing room.  Look at that tiny cork board and the vases have crocheted covers.

DIY miniature dollhouse book…and a sewing room wouldn’t be complete without a fabric stash.  Am I the only one loving this?!

DIY miniature dollhouse book 3Here’s the bedroom.  The hanging fabric lampshade is one of my favorite things about this room.  The lampshade is also one of 90 projects in the book.

DIY miniature dollhouse book 4I like the black and white checker tiles for the kitchen.  It’s hard to see, but on the left, there’s a chandelier hanging from the ceiling with trimmed birthday candles.

There’s so much more to see in this book but I couldn’t photograph it all.  To learn more Eline’s Dollhouse and the author, click here.

I noticed in the book there are some tiny colored pencils.  That reminded me of a post I wrote long ago on how to make miniature pencils .  I’ll be sharing that tutorial again here this Friday so please come back and check it out. 

On My Radar: Jewelry Designer, Yoko Minemura

homako necklace 3Necklace by Yoko Minemura

Yoko Minemura is the jewelry and accessory designer behind the shop Homako.  Yoko began designing accessories for friends which eventually evolved into Homako in 2008.  Yoko likes to work with soft fabrics and felts. Sometimes she incorporates embroidery into her designs.  The necklace (pictured above) caught my eye because it was inspired by origami.  I also like that I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

homako necklace 2The necklace I purchased came wrapped in cute tissue paper, sealed with stickers/washi tape, and a handwritten note. These personal touches tell me that Yoko takes pride in her work.

homako necklaceHere I am wearing my origami necklace.

Below are a couple more items you can find in Yoko’s shop.

homako necklace 4Stripe Rope Knot Necklace by Homako

homako necklace 5Fabric Jewel Hair Clips by Homako

To see more of Yoko’s designs, click here.

Printable: Button Organizer

Printable Button OrganizerI like to think of myself as an organized person. I keep all my extra buttons that come with newly purchased clothing in my dresser.  Sounds reasonable, right?  But somehow my plan failed me.  The one time I needed to use the emergency button, it was nowhere to be found.  In my struggle, I decided there needed to be a better way. Hence, I created this printable to organize my emergency buttons.

This button organizer was created so it could be hung on a closet door,a hanger, or directly on a clothing rack.

Directions below:

printable button organizer 2Click here for Printable Button organizer




Stapler or Tape


1.  Print out template on cardstock.

2.  Cut out cardstock with scissors.

3.  Cut out circle (refer to dotted lines). Done

*For the top picture I only stapled two buttons on the organizer but it could hold a lot more.  You could also tape buttons to the back side. I recommend writing what the button came with so there’s no confusion in the future.

By the way, I’m still looking for that missing button.  It’s black and silver and goes to a cute cape.  Has anyone seen it?

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